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slight mistake in tooltip translation

Reported by: daniel.kitta@… Owned by: Ясен Праматаров
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Hi, I'm the author of regexxer and don't understand a single word of Bulgarian. However, I think I noticed a slight mistake in bg.po. The msgid:

#: ../ui/
msgid ""
"The new string to substitute. As in Perl, you can refer to parts of the "
"match using $1, $2, etc. or even $+, $&, $` and $'. The operators \\l, \\u, "
"\\L, \\U and \\E are supported as well."

is currently translated as:

msgstr ""
"Новият низ за замяна. Както и в Пърл, можете да обработвате части от "
"съвпадението с използване на $1, $2, и т.н. или дори $+, $&, $` and·$'. "
"Операторите \\l, \\u, \\L, \\U и \\E също се поддържат."

The "and" in "$` and·$'" seems bogus here, as does the strange middle dot "·". I do hope you don't mind the nitpicking. I had noticed that Bulgarian was one of the first languages to regain 100% status after a recent string change. Keep up the great work!

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Many thanks for the bug report, it is fixed in rev [886]. I hope that our fearless team leader will commit it asap.

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