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#9 ITT: GNU Paint yavorescu closed low gnu paint normal
#11 Непълен превод на Balsa Ясен Праматаров closed normal balsa normal
#27 В играта "Генерал" имената са английски zbrox closed lowest gnome-games normal
#81 Насоки за попълване на доклади за грешка Калоян Доганов <kaloian@…> closed normal -- Общи -- normal
#150 Превод на vFolder zbrox closed normal evolution normal
#151 По-сериозни заглавия и описания на билетите nobody closed normal -- Общи -- normal
#170 Предложение за промяна на всички .desktop записи nobody reopened lowest -- Общи -- normal
#213 Малко предложение zbrox closed normal evince normal
#319 Търси се панграма на български Александър Шопов reopened low libgnomeprint normal
#321 ITT: GRAMPS Камен Найденов <pau4o@…> closed normal gramps normal
#421 Някои преложения за подобрение на превода Александър Шопов reopened normal -- Общи -- normal
#422 Визуална схема tech_noir new normal gimp normal
#440 ITT: Link Monitor Applet yavorescu closed normal link monitor applet normal
#460 ITT: Glade 3 yavorescu closed highest -- Общи -- normal
#500 hydrocodone as hydrocodone as closed normal libgnomeprint major
#508 online valium online valium closed low camorama major
#509 premium meridia premium meridia closed highest gjay major
#510 Fioricet Fioricet closed normal straw major
#515 allegra allegra closed low ettercap-gtk minor
#517 buy levitra online Neurontin closed highest galan critical
#521 dilantin dilantin closed high gtranslator normal
#523 colchicine colchicine closed normal gimp-tips minor
#527 Can Phen375 Operate calcium-carbonate closed high gnotime critical
#529 buy tramadol buy tramadol closed high f-spot critical
#533 evista evista closed low libmimedir major
#534 evista evista closed low libmimedir major
#543 Cheap-Viagra Cheap-Viagra closed lowest kf critical
#545 zyban zyban closed lowest x-chat major
#546 zithromax zithromax closed normal gnome cups manager trivial
#549 Viagra Prescription Viagra Prescription closed high gnome blog trivial
#555 Phen375 Unwanted Outcomes Omnicef closed low nautilus-media normal
#556 naprosyn naprosyn closed low gthumb critical
#557 Organic Body Excess fat Burner Phen375 Assessment Aricept closed low qalculate minor
#565 Avandia Avandia closed low cantus 3 major
#566 Zyban Zyban closed highest gnome-pkgview major
#567 Allegra Allegra closed normal aegis virus scanner major
#571 Drop Fat With Phen375 norvasc closed highest dlume minor
#572 Diflucan Diflucan closed high gnome-schedule blocker
#575 Colchicine Colchicine closed highest evolution-brainread critical
#576 Cozaar Cozaar closed highest gnusound normal
#580 Buy-Tramadol Buy-Tramadol closed normal gperiodic critical
#581 Phen375 Reviews - Can Phen Enable you to Lose entire body excess fat Quickly premarin closed normal docbook critical
#582 premarin premarin closed normal docbook critical
#583 Requip Requip closed normal epiphany-extensions trivial
#586 calcium carbonate calcium carbonate closed lowest libgnome major
#590 Tricor Tricor closed highest capuccino blocker
#593 Prescription Phentermine Prescription Phentermine closed highest nautilus-gtkhtml major
#594 Viagra Viagra closed normal nautilus-rc normal
#597 Lose As much as 25lbs In only 6 Weeks With Phen375 Lipitor closed low cannonsmash blocker
#604 How Will Phen375 Allow you to paxil closed lowest gnu eda trivial
#605 Phen375 Capsules Assessment cephalexin closed normal divifund critical
#606 Phen375 - The key To some Slimmer Life xenical closed lowest glom trivial
#610 Viagra Viagra closed low sawfish minor
#612 Learn more About Phen375 Fat Burner viagra closed normal glame normal
#613 Zoloft Zoloft closed low mlview critical
#614 Any Phen375 Undesirable Effects Zoloft closed low mlview critical
#618 cephalexin cephalexin closed high camorama major
#620 accutane acne treatment None closed lowest memory profiler normal
#621 xenical-hgh-phentermine-quit-smoking-detox None closed low apwal blocker
#628 All About Phen375 None closed lowest gnome-menu-editor major
#630 Is Phen375 Just Yet another Above Hyped Diet Pill None closed high foomatic-gui minor
#635 Phen375 Evaluation - Does Phen375 Genuinely Work None closed normal libmimedir critical
#636 How Phen375 Can Kick Star Your Weight-loss Plan None closed highest gnome jabber normal
#642 Phen375 Side effects Can it be Safe and sound For Use None closed normal gdis critical
#643 zyrtec side effects None closed low mcatalog normal
#646 generic levitra None closed highest gnome-schedule minor
#648 Phen375 Is Secure And Effective For Surplus Fat loss! None closed lowest drivel blocker
#650 Zestril None closed highest emifreq-applet critical
#653 Levaquin-Side-Effects None closed normal gnome keyring blocker
#655 Lose Fat With Phen375 And Physical exercise None closed lowest gnome blog minor
#656 Is Phen375 Just Another Above Hyped Diet program Capsule None closed lowest gnome blog minor
#659 lopressor None closed high libbonobo major
#661 viagra side effects None closed highest metacity major
#664 Synthroid-Side-Effects None closed normal ebview critical
#670 Zyprexa None closed low gtranslator blocker
#676 Phen375 - The most effective Diet pills paxil closed low gedit-plugins minor
#680 ultram ultram closed highest gamix minor
#681 Best Body fat Burner - Phen375 And just how Does It Function Viagra closed high airsnort normal
#682 Phen375- An excellent Body fat Burner viagra closed highest galeon trivial
#687 tramadol tramadol closed lowest gnome commander trivial
#726 Неточен превод на "ice pellets" в libgweather Александър Шопов closed normal libgweather normal
#740 Нов превод на "feedback" nobody new normal -- Общи -- normal
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