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2    "MY_PROJECTS": "My Projects",
3    "QUICK_INTRO": "Quick Intro to ScratchJr",
4    "SAMPLE_PROJECTS": "Sample Projects",
5    "ABOUT_SCRATCHJR": "About ScratchJr",
6    "INTERFACE_GUIDE": "Interface Guide",
7    "PAINT_EDITOR_GUIDE": "Paint Editor Guide",
8    "BLOCKS_GUIDE": "Blocks Guide",
9    "ABOUT_WHAT_IS": "What is ScratchJr?",
10    "ABOUT_DESCRIPTION": "ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that enables young children (ages 5-7) to create their own interactive stories and games. Children snap together graphical programming blocks to make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. Children can modify characters in the paint editor, add their own voices and sounds, even insert photos of themselves -- then use the programming blocks to make their characters come to life.",
11    "ABOUT_INSPIRED_BY": "ScratchJr was inspired by the popular Scratch programming language (, used by millions of young people (ages 8 and up) around the world. In creating ScratchJr, we redesigned the interface and programming language to make them developmentally appropriate for younger children, carefully designing features to match young children's cognitive, personal, social, and emotional development.<br/><br/>ScratchJr is available as a free app for both iPad and Android tablets. For more information about ScratchJr, see",
12    "ABOUT_WHY_CREATE": "Why Did We Create ScratchJr?",
13    "ABOUT_WHY_CREATE_DESCRIPTION": "Coding (or computer programming) is a new type of literacy. Just as writing helps you organize your thinking and express your ideas, the same is true for coding. In the past, coding was seen as too difficult for most people. But we think coding should be for everyone, just like writing.<br/><br/>As young children code with ScratchJr, they learn how to create and express themselves with the computer, not just to interact with it. In the process, children learn to solve problems and design projects, and they develop sequencing skills that are foundational for later academic success. They also use math and language in a meaningful and motivating context, supporting the development of early-childhood numeracy and literacy. With ScratchJr, children aren't just learning to code, they are coding to learn.",
14    "ABOUT_WHO_CREATED": "Who Created ScratchJr?",
15    "ABOUT_WHO_CREATED_DESCRIPTION": "ScratchJr is a collaboration between the Developmental Technologies (DevTech) Research Group at the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development at Tufts University (led by Marina Umaschi Bers, with contributions from Amanda Strawhacker, Claire Caine, Louise Flannery, Elizabeth Kazakoff, and Dylan Portelance), the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab (led by Mitchel Resnick, with contributions from Chris Garrity, Tim Mickel, Carl Bowman, Champika Fernando, Natalie Rusk, Sayamindu Dasgupta, and Chris Graves), and the Playful Invention Company (led by Paula Bont&aacute; and Brian Silverman, with contributions from Jack Geddes and Adrian Gabriel). The Android version of ScratchJr was implemented by Two Sigma (led by Mark Roth, with contributions from Kevin Hu), with input from Benesse Corp.<br/> <br/>The graphics and illustrations for ScratchJr were created by HvingtQuatre Company (led by Julien Gelifier and Adrien Valesa), Sarah Thomson, Peter Mueller, and Jillian Lombardi. Paula Aguilera of the MIT Media Lab produced the ScratchJr video. We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the beta-test communities for iPad and Android, particularly Sergio Antolinez, Vandendaele Didier, and Sjoerd Dirk Meijer.",
16    "ABOUT_WHO_SUPPORTED": "Who Supported ScratchJr?",
17    "ABOUT_WHO_SUPPORTED_DESCRIPTION": "The ScratchJr project has received generous financial support from the National Science Foundation (NSF DRL-1118664), Scratch Foundation, LEGO Foundation, and British Telecommunications.<br/><br/>If you enjoy using this free app, please consider making a donation to the Scratch Foundation (, a nonprofit organization that provides ongoing support for ScratchJr. We appreciate donations of all sizes, large and small. <br/><br/>Platinum supporters from the ScratchJr Kickstarter campaign: Jeremy Deutsch, Kenneth Ehlert, Catherine Greenspon, Mark Loughridge, JoAnn Gantz Bendetson, and Shirley Resnick.<br/><br/>Other supporters from the ScratchJr Kickstarter campaign:",
18    "BLOCKS_TRIGGERING_BLOCKS": "Triggering Blocks",
19    "BLOCKS_GREEN_FLAG": "Start on Green Flag",
20    "BLOCKS_GREEN_FLAG_DESCRIPTION": "Starts the script when the Green Flag is tapped.",
21    "BLOCKS_ON_TAP": "Start on Tap",
22    "BLOCKS_ON_TAP_DESCRIPTION": "Starts the script when you tap on the character.",
23    "BLOCKS_ON_TOUCH": "Start on Touch",
24    "BLOCKS_ON_TOUCH_DESCRIPTION": "Starts the script when the character is touched by another character.",
25    "BLOCKS_ON_MESSAGE": "Start on Message",
26    "BLOCKS_ON_MESSAGE_DESCRIPTION": "Starts the script whenever a message of the specified color is sent.",
27    "BLOCKS_SEND_MESSAGE": "Send Message",
28    "BLOCKS_SEND_MESSAGE_DESCRIPTION": "Sends a message of the specified color.",
29    "BLOCKS_MOTION_BLOCKS": "Motion Blocks",
30    "BLOCKS_MOVE_RIGHT": "Move Right",
31    "BLOCKS_MOVE_RIGHT_DESCRIPTION": "Moves the character a specified number of grid squares to the right.",
32    "BLOCKS_MOVE_LEFT": "Move Left",
33    "BLOCKS_MOVE_LEFT_DESCRIPTION": "Moves the character a specified number of grid squares to the left.",
34    "BLOCKS_MOVE_UP": "Move Up",
35    "BLOCKS_MOVE_UP_DESCRIPTION": "Moves the character a specified number of grid squares up.",
36    "BLOCKS_MOVE_DOWN": "Move Down",
37    "BLOCKS_MOVE_DOWN_DESCRIPTION": "Moves the character a specified number of grid squares down.",
38    "BLOCKS_TURN_RIGHT": "Turn Right",
39    "BLOCKS_TURN_RIGHT_DESCRIPTION": "Rotates the character clockwise a specified amount. Turn 12 for a full rotation.",
40    "BLOCKS_TURN_LEFT": "Turn Left",
41    "BLOCKS_TURN_LEFT_DESCRIPTION": "Rotates the character counterclockwise a specified amount. Turn 12 for a full rotation.",
42    "BLOCKS_HOP": "Hop",
43    "BLOCKS_HOP_DESCRIPTION": "Moves the character up a specified number of grid squares and then down again.",
44    "BLOCKS_GO_HOME": "Go Home",
45    "BLOCKS_GO_HOME_DESCRIPTION": "Resets the character's location to its starting position. (To set a new starting position, drag the character to the location).",
46    "BLOCKS_LOOKS_BLOCKS": "Looks Blocks",
47    "BLOCKS_SAY": "Say",
48    "BLOCKS_SAY_DESCRIPTION": "Shows a specified message in a speech bubble above the character.",
49    "BLOCKS_GROW": "Grow",
50    "BLOCKS_GROW_DESCRIPTION": "Increases the character's size.",
51    "BLOCKS_SHRINK": "Shrink",
52    "BLOCKS_SHRINK_DESCRIPTION": "Decreases the character's size.",
53    "BLOCKS_RESET_SIZE": "Reset Size",
54    "BLOCKS_RESET_SIZE_DESCRIPTION": "Returns the character to its default size.",
55    "BLOCKS_HIDE": "Hide",
56    "BLOCKS_HIDE_DESCRIPTION": "Fades out the character until it is invisible.",
57    "BLOCKS_SHOW": "Show",
58    "BLOCKS_SHOW_DESCRIPTION": "Fades in the character until it is fully visible.",
59    "BLOCKS_SOUND_BLOCKS": "Sound Blocks",
60    "BLOCKS_POP": "Pop",
61    "BLOCKS_POP_DESCRIPTION": "Plays a \"Pop\" Sound",
62    "BLOCKS_PLAY_RECORDED": "Play Recorded Sound",
63    "BLOCKS_PLAY_RECORDED_DESCRIPTION": "Plays a sound recorded by the user.",
64    "BLOCKS_CONTROL_BLOCKS": "Control Blocks",
65    "BLOCKS_WAIT": "Wait",
66    "BLOCKS_WAIT_DESCRIPTION": "Pauses the script for a specified amount of time (in tenths of seconds).",
67    "BLOCKS_STOP": "Stop",
68    "BLOCKS_STOP_DESCRIPTION": "Stops all the characters' scripts.",
69    "BLOCKS_SET_SPEED": "Set Speed",
70    "BLOCKS_SET_SPEED_DESCRIPTION": "Changes the rate at which certain blocks are run.",
71    "BLOCKS_REPEAT": "Repeat",
72    "BLOCKS_REPEAT_DESCRIPTION": "Runs the blocks inside a specified number of times.",
73    "BLOCKS_END_BLOCKS": "End Blocks",
74    "BLOCKS_END": "End",
75    "BLOCKS_END_DESCRIPTION": "Indicates the end of the script (but does not affect the script in any way).",
76    "BLOCKS_REPEAT_FOREVER": "Repeat Forever",
77    "BLOCKS_REPEAT_FOREVER_DESCRIPTION": "Runs the script over and over.",
78    "BLOCKS_GO_TO_PAGE": "Go to Page",
79    "BLOCKS_GO_TO_PAGE_DESCRIPTION": "Changes to the specified page of the project.",
80    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_NUMBER": "{N, number}",
81    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_SAVE": "{N, number} | Save",
82    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_STAGE": "{N, number} | Stage",
83    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_PRESENTATION_MODE": "{N, number} | Presentation Mode",
84    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_GRID": "{N, number} | Grid",
85    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_CHANGE_BG": "{N, number} | Change Background",
86    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_ADD_TEXT": "{N, number} | Add Text",
87    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_RESET_CHAR": "{N, number} | Reset Characters",
88    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_GREEN_FLAG": "{N, number} | Green Flag",
89    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_PAGES": "{N, number} | Pages",
90    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_PROJECT_INFO": "{N, number} | Project Information",
91    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_UNDO_REDO": "{N, number} | Undo and Redo",
92    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_PROGRAMMING_SCRIPT": "{N, number} | Programming Script",
93    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_PROGRAMMING_AREA": "{N, number} | Programming Area",
94    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_BLOCKS_PALETTE": "{N, number} | Blocks Palette",
95    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_BLOCKS_CATEGORIES": "{N, number} | Block Categories",
96    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_CHARACTERS": "{N, number} | Characters",
97    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_SAVE_DESCRIPTION": "Save the current project and exit to the Home page.",
98    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_STAGE_DESCRIPTION": "This is where the action takes place in the project. To delete a character, press and hold it.",
99    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_PRESENTATION_MODE_DESCRIPTION": "Expand the stage to the full screen.",
100    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_GRID_DESCRIPTION": "Toggle on (and off) the x-y coordinate grid.",
101    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_CHANGE_BG_DESCRIPTION": "Select or create a background image for the stage.",
102    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_ADD_TEXT_DESCRIPTION": "Write titles and labels on the stage.",
103    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_RESET_CHAR_DESCRIPTION": "Reset all characters to their starting positions on the stage. (Drag characters to set up new starting positions.)",
104    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_GREEN_FLAG_DESCRIPTION": "Start all programming scripts that begin with a \"Start on Green Flag\" block by tapping here.",
105    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_PAGES_DESCRIPTION": "Select among the pages in your project — or tap the plus sign to add a new page. Each page has its own set of characters and a background. To delete a page, press and hold it. To reorder pages, drag them to new positions.",
106    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_PROJECT_INFO_DESCRIPTION": "Change the title of the project, see when the project was created, and share the project (if supported by your device).",
107    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_UNDO_REDO_DESCRIPTION": "If you make a mistake, tap Undo to go back in time, reversing the last action. Tap Redo to reverse the last Undo.",
108    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_PROGRAMMING_SCRIPT_DESCRIPTION": "Snap blocks together to make a programming script, telling the character what to do. Tap anywhere on a script to make it run. To delete a block or script, drag it outside the programming area. To copy a block or script from one character to another, drag it onto the character's thumbnail.",
109    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_PROGRAMMING_AREA_DESCRIPTION": "This is where you connect programming blocks to create scripts, telling the character what to do.",
110    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_BLOCKS_PALETTE_DESCRIPTION": "This is the menu of programming blocks. Drag a block into the programming area, then tap on it to see what it does.",
111    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_BLOCKS_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION": "This is where you can select a category of programming blocks: Triggering Blocks (Yellow), Motion (Blue), Looks (Purple), Sounds (Green), Control (Orange), End Blocks (Red).",
112    "INTERFACE_GUIDE_CHARACTERS_DESCRIPTION": "Select among the characters in your project — or tap the plus sign to add a new one. Once a character is selected, you can edit its scripts, tap its name to rename it, or tap the paintbrush to edit its image. To delete a character, press and hold it. To copy a character to another page, drag it to the page thumbnail.",
113    "PAINT_GUIDE_UNDO": "{N, number} | Undo",
114    "PAINT_GUIDE_REDO": "{N, number} | Redo",
115    "PAINT_GUIDE_SHAPE": "{N, number} | Shape",
116    "PAINT_GUIDE_CHARACTER_NAME": "{N, number} | Character Name",
117    "PAINT_GUIDE_CUT": "{N, number} | Cut",
118    "PAINT_GUIDE_DUPLICATE": "{N, number} | Duplicate",
119    "PAINT_GUIDE_ROTATE": "{N, number} | Rotate",
120    "PAINT_GUIDE_DRAG": "{N, number} | Drag",
121    "PAINT_GUIDE_SAVE": "{N, number} | Save",
122    "PAINT_GUIDE_FILL": "{N, number} | Fill",
123    "PAINT_GUIDE_CAMERA": "{N, number} | Camera",
124    "PAINT_GUIDE_COLOR": "{N, number} | Color",
125    "PAINT_GUIDE_LINE_WIDTH": "{N, number} | Line Width",
126    "PAINT_GUIDE_UNDO_DESCRIPTION": "Reverses the most recent change.",
127    "PAINT_GUIDE_REDO_DESCRIPTION": "Reverses the most recent Undo.",
128    "PAINT_GUIDE_SHAPE_DESCRIPTION": "Choose a shape to draw: line, circle/ellipse, rectangle, or triangle.",
129    "PAINT_GUIDE_CHARACTER_NAME_DESCRIPTION": "Edit the name of the character.",
130    "PAINT_GUIDE_CUT_DESCRIPTION": "After selecting the Cut tool, you can tap a character or shape to remove it from the canvas.",
131    "PAINT_GUIDE_DUPLICATE_DESCRIPTION": "After selecting the Duplicate tool, you can tap a character or shape to create a copy of it.",
132    "PAINT_GUIDE_ROTATE_DESCRIPTION": "After selecting the Rotate tool, you can rotate a character or shape around its center.",
133    "PAINT_GUIDE_DRAG_DESCRIPTION": "After selecting the Drag tool, you can drag a character or shape on the canvas. If you tap on a shape, you can then edit the shape by dragging the dots that appear.",
134    "PAINT_GUIDE_SAVE_DESCRIPTION": "Save changes and leave the Paint Editor.",
135    "PAINT_GUIDE_FILL_DESCRIPTION": "After selecting the Fill tool, you can tap any section of a character or shape to fill it with the currently selected color.",
136    "PAINT_GUIDE_CAMERA_DESCRIPTION": "After selecting the Camera tool, you can tap any section of a character or shape, and then tap the camera button to fill the section with a new photo taken with the camera.",
137    "PAINT_GUIDE_COLOR_DESCRIPTION": "Select a new color to use for drawing and filling in shapes.",
138    "PAINT_GUIDE_LINE_WIDTH_DESCRIPTION": "Change the width of the lines in the shapes you are drawing.",
139    "SAMPLE_Under the sea": "Under the sea",
140    "SAMPLE_Farm": "Farm",
141    "SAMPLE_Seasons": "Seasons",
142    "SAMPLE_Friends": "Friends",
143    "SAMPLE_Dance": "Dance",
144    "SAMPLE_Animal Race": "Animal Race",
145    "SAMPLE_Bump": "Bump",
146    "SAMPLE_Quick Intro": "Quick Intro",
147    "SAMPLE_Star": "Star",
148    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_character_cat": "Cat",
149    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_character_star": "Star",
150    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_character_teen_girl": "Teen",
151    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_character_teen_boy": "Teen",
152    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_farm_tap_them": "Tap them",
153    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_party_question": "Party?",
154    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_soccer_question": "Or soccer?",
155    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_goal": "Goal!!",
156    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_under_the_sea_fish": "Fish",
157    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_under_the_sea_seahorse": "Seahorse",
158    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_under_the_sea_starfish": "Starfish",
159    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_farm_pig": "Pig",
160    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_farm_horse": "Horse",
161    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_farm_chicken": "Chicken",
162    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_farm_barn": "Barn",
163    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_seasons_summer": "Summer",
164    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_seasons_fall": "Fall",
165    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_seasons_winter": "Winter",
166    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_seasons_spring": "Spring",
167    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_friends_cake": "Cake",
168    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_friends_soccer_ball": "Soccer ball",
169    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_friends_child": "Child",
170    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_friends_table": "Table",
171    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_friends_soccer_net": "Soccer net",
172    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_animalrace_elephant": "Elephant",
173    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_animalrace_giraffe": "Giraffe",
174    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_animalrace_monkey": "Monkey",
175    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_dance_scubadiver": "Scuba Diver",
176    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_dance_snake": "Snake",
177    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_bump_yellow_duck": "Yellow Duck",
178    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_bump_blue_duck": "Blue Duck",
179    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_bump_green_duck": "Green Duck",
180    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_quickintro_fish": "Fish",
181    "SAMPLE_TEXT_key_quickintro_toc": "Toc",
182    "CHARACTER_Cat.svg": "Cat",
183    "CHARACTER_Cat2.svg": "Cat Walking",
184    "CHARACTER_Blue.svg": "Tic",
185    "CHARACTER_Purple.svg": "Tac",
186    "CHARACTER_Red.svg": "Toc",
187    "CHARACTER_Dragon.svg": "Dragon",
188    "CHARACTER_Fairy.svg": "Fairy",
189    "CHARACTER_Wizard.svg": "Wizard",
190    "CHARACTER_Dog.svg": "Dog",
191    "CHARACTER_Rabbit.svg": "Rabbit",
192    "CHARACTER_Chicken.svg": "Chicken",
193    "CHARACTER_Pig.svg": "Pig",
194    "CHARACTER_Horse.svg": "Horse",
195    "CHARACTER_Zebra.svg": "Zebra",
196    "CHARACTER_Monkey.svg": "Monkey",
197    "CHARACTER_Elephant.svg": "Elephant",
198    "CHARACTER_Giraffe.svg": "Giraffe",
199    "CHARACTER_Camel.svg": "Camel",
200    "CHARACTER_Butterfly.svg": "Butterfly",
201    "CHARACTER_Fly.svg": "Fly",
202    "CHARACTER_Bat.svg": "Bat",
203    "CHARACTER_Bird.svg": "Bird",
204    "CHARACTER_Snake.svg": "Snake",
205    "CHARACTER_Lizard.svg": "Lizard",
206    "CHARACTER_Frog.svg": "Frog",
207    "CHARACTER_Duck.svg": "Duck",
208    "CHARACTER_Crab.svg": "Crab",
209    "CHARACTER_Seahorse.svg": "Seahorse",
210    "CHARACTER_Starfish.svg": "Starfish",
211    "CHARACTER_Fish1.svg": "Fish",
212    "CHARACTER_Fish2.svg": "Fish",
213    "CHARACTER_Whale.svg": "Whale",
214    "CHARACTER_Penguin.svg": "Penguin",
215    "CHARACTER_PolarBear.svg": "Polar Bear",
216    "CHARACTER_Girl1.svg": "Child",
217    "CHARACTER_Girl2.svg": "Child",
218    "CHARACTER_Girl3.svg": "Child",
219    "CHARACTER_Boy1.svg": "Child",
220    "CHARACTER_Boy2.svg": "Child",
221    "CHARACTER_Boy3.svg": "Child",
222    "CHARACTER_TeenGirl1.svg": "Teen",
223    "CHARACTER_TeenGirl2.svg": "Teen",
224    "CHARACTER_TeenGirl3.svg": "Teen",
225    "CHARACTER_TeenBoy1.svg": "Teen",
226    "CHARACTER_TeenBoy2.svg": "Teen",
227    "CHARACTER_TeenBoy3.svg": "Teen",
228    "CHARACTER_Baby.svg": "Baby",
229    "CHARACTER_Mother.svg": "Mother",
230    "CHARACTER_Father.svg": "Father",
231    "CHARACTER_Grandmother.svg": "Grandmother",
232    "CHARACTER_Grandfather.svg": "Grandfather",
233    "CHARACTER_Girl.svg": "Child",
234    "CHARACTER_Boy.svg": "Child",
235    "CHARACTER_Teen2.svg": "Teen",
236    "CHARACTER_Teen3.svg": "Teen",
237    "CHARACTER_Farmer1.svg": "Rancher",
238    "CHARACTER_Farmer.svg": "Rancher",
239    "CHARACTER_Bike2.svg": "Cyclist",
240    "CHARACTER_Bike.svg": "Cyclist",
241    "CHARACTER_Car2.svg": "Driver",
242    "CHARACTER_Car1.svg": "Driver",
243    "CHARACTER_Aeroplane.svg": "Pilot",
244    "CHARACTER_Astronaut.svg": "Astronaut",
245    "CHARACTER_Inuit.svg": "Northerner",
246    "CHARACTER_Scubadiver.svg": "Scuba Diver",
247    "CHARACTER_Rowboat.svg": "Rower",
248    "CHARACTER_Tree1.svg": "Tree",
249    "CHARACTER_Tree3.svg": "Tree",
250    "CHARACTER_Tree4.svg": "Tree",
251    "CHARACTER_Evergreen.svg": "Tree",
252    "CHARACTER_Weed.svg": "Plant",
253    "CHARACTER_Pasture.svg": "Tall Grass",
254    "CHARACTER_Cactus.svg": "Cactus",
255    "CHARACTER_Daffodil.svg": "Daffodils",
256    "CHARACTER_Daisy1.svg": "Daisy",
257    "CHARACTER_Daisy2.svg": "Daisy",
258    "CHARACTER_Daisy3.svg": "Daisy",
259    "CHARACTER_Tulip2.svg": "Tulip",
260    "CHARACTER_Flowers.svg": "Flowers",
261    "CHARACTER_Apple.svg": "Apple",
262    "CHARACTER_Peach.svg": "Peach",
263    "CHARACTER_Mushroom.svg": "Mushroom",
264    "CHARACTER_Star.svg": "Star",
265    "CHARACTER_Star2.svg": "Star",
266    "CHARACTER_Star3.svg": "Star",
267    "CHARACTER_ShootingStar.svg": "Shooting Star",
268    "CHARACTER_Earth.svg": "Earth",
269    "CHARACTER_Planet.svg": "Planet",
270    "CHARACTER_Sun.svg": "Sun",
271    "CHARACTER_Moon.svg": "Full Moon",
272    "CHARACTER_CrescentMoon.svg": "Moon",
273    "CHARACTER_Cloud1.svg": "Cloud",
274    "CHARACTER_Thundercloud.svg": "Storm Cloud",
275    "CHARACTER_Tornado.svg": "Tornado",
276    "CHARACTER_Barn.svg": "Barn",
277    "CHARACTER_Fort.svg": "Fort",
278    "CHARACTER_Castle.svg": "Castle",
279    "CHARACTER_Igloo.svg": "Igloo",
280    "CHARACTER_House1.svg": "House",
281    "CHARACTER_House.svg": "House",
282    "CHARACTER_House3.svg": "House",
283    "CHARACTER_House4.svg": "House",
284    "CHARACTER_Apartment.svg": "Apartment",
285    "CHARACTER_School.svg": "School",
286    "CHARACTER_Shop.svg": "Shop",
287    "CHARACTER_Fence.svg": "Fence",
288    "CHARACTER_Mailbox.svg": "Mailbox",
289    "CHARACTER_Cake.svg": "Cake",
290    "CHARACTER_Ball.svg": "Ball",
291    "CHARACTER_Basketball.svg": "Basketball",
292    "CHARACTER_Soccerball.svg": "Soccer Ball",
293    "CHARACTER_SoccerNet.svg": "Soccer Net",
294    "CHARACTER_Bed.svg": "Bed",
295    "CHARACTER_NightTable.svg": "Night Table",
296    "CHARACTER_Stool.svg": "Stool",
297    "CHARACTER_Table.svg": "Table",
298    "CHARACTER_Car.svg": "Car",
299    "CHARACTER_Bus.svg": "Bus",
300    "CHARACTER_SailBoat.svg": "Boat",
301    "CHARACTER_Boat2.svg": "Boat",
302    "CHARACTER_Rocket.svg": "Rocket",
303    "BACKGROUND_Farm.svg": "Farm",
304    "BACKGROUND_Park.svg": "Park",
305    "BACKGROUND_Suburbs.svg": "Suburbs",
306    "BACKGROUND_City.svg": "City",
307    "BACKGROUND_Library.svg": "Library",
308    "BACKGROUND_Classroom.svg": "Classroom",
309    "BACKGROUND_Theatre.svg": "Theatre",
310    "BACKGROUND_Gym.svg": "Gym",
311    "BACKGROUND_Gym2.svg": "Gym",
312    "BACKGROUND_Bedroom.svg": "Bedroom",
313    "BACKGROUND_EmptyRoom.svg": "Empty Room",
314    "BACKGROUND_Summer.svg": "Summer",
315    "BACKGROUND_Fall.svg": "Fall",
316    "BACKGROUND_Winter.svg": "Winter",
317    "BACKGROUND_Spring.svg": "Spring",
318    "BACKGROUND_Creek.svg": "River",
319    "BACKGROUND_Lake.svg": "Lake",
320    "BACKGROUND_Woods.svg": "Woods",
321    "BACKGROUND_BeachDay.svg": "Beach Day",
322    "BACKGROUND_BeachSunrise.svg": "Beach Sunset",
323    "BACKGROUND_BeachNight.svg": "Beach Night",
324    "BACKGROUND_Underwater.svg": "Underwater",
325    "BACKGROUND_Jungle.svg": "Jungle",
326    "BACKGROUND_Savannah.svg": "Savannah",
327    "BACKGROUND_Desert.svg": "Desert",
328    "BACKGROUND_Arctic.svg": "Arctic",
329    "BACKGROUND_Space.svg": "Space",
330    "BACKGROUND_MoonBkg.svg": "Moon",
343    "BLOCK_DESC_HOP": "HOP",
345    "BLOCK_DESC_SAY": "SAY",
352    "BLOCK_DESC_PLAY_SOUND_POP": "pop",
358    "BLOCK_DESC_END": "END",
361    "SHARING_BY_EMAIL": "Share by Email",
362    "SHARING_BY_AIRDROP": "Share by Airdrop",
363    "SHARING_EMAIL_SUBJECT": "ScratchJr Project: {PROJECT_NAME}",
364    "SHARING_EMAIL_TEXT": "Click the icon to try my ScratchJr project on your iPad or Android tablet!<br><br>If you don't have the ScratchJr app, you can <a href=''>download it</a> from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store.<br><br>With ScratchJr, children can create their own interactive stories and games. To learn more, see <a href=''></a>.",
365    "FOR_PARENTS": "For Parents",
366    "PARENTAL_GATE_EXPLANATION": "Why are we asking this? An adult must approve online sharing.",
367    "GRID_NUMBER": "{N, number}",
368    "NEW_PROJECT_PREFIX": "Project",
369    "LIBRARY_CHARACTER": "Character",
370    "LIBRARY_BACKGROUND": "Background",
372    "ALERT_BACK": "Back",
373    "ALERT_SAVING": "Saving...",
374    "SELECT_LANGUAGE": "Select language",
375    "USAGE_QUESTION": "Where are you using ScratchJr?",
376    "USAGE_SCHOOL": "School",
377    "USAGE_HOME": "Home",
378    "USAGE_OTHER": "Other",
379    "USAGE_NONE": "Don't ask again"
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