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1# LOCALIZATION NOTE (Panel-selectors): Title for Selectors side panel displayed
2# in the CSS panel
4# LOCALIZATION NOTE (panel.tip.selector): Tooltip text for the Selection side panel
5# Shown when hovering the Selection panel tab
6panel.tip.selectors=Показва елементите съответстващи на селектор за CSS
7# LOCALIZATION NOTE (css.selector.noSelection): A help description used in empty
8# Selectors side panel.
9css.selector.noSelection=Въведете селектор или изберете правило за CSS и изберете с десния бутон на мишката „<b>Съвпадащи елементи</b>“.
10# LOCALIZATION NOTE (css.selector.noSelectionResults, css.selector.invalidSelector):
11# Info messages for selector trials in Selectors side panel
12css.selector.noSelectionResults=Никой елемент не съответства
13# LOCALIZATION NOTE (css.selector.readMore):
14# Helper text with a link to for the Selectors panel.
15css.selector.readMore=Можете да научите как да <a>използвате панела</a>
16# LOCALIZATION NOTE (css.selector.invalidSelector):
17css.selector.invalidSelector=Неправилен селектор
18# LOCALIZATION NOTE (css.selector.TryASelector):
19# Placeholder label for the Selectors side panel's input field for creating new selector trials
20css.selector.TryASelector=Въведете селектор…
21# LOCALIZATION NOTE (css.selector.cmd.getMatchingElements): A label for context menu item.
22# The menu-item is used in the CSS panel's context menu and allows to get matched elements
23# for the clicked rule selector. Elements are displayed in the side panel.
24css.selector.cmd.getMatchingElements=Съвпадащи елементи
25aria.labels.Selectors=Страничен панел за селектори
26a11y.labels.press_enter_to_add_new_selector=Натиснете клавиша „Enter“, за да въведете нов селектор
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