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1# LOCALIZATION NOTE (eventbug.Events): Title of the Events panel.
3# LOCALIZATION NOTE (eventbug.This_Element_has_no_listeners): A message displayed within
4# events side panel (available within the HTML panel) when no listeners are associated
5# with the selected HTML element.
6eventbug.This_Element_has_no_listeners=Никоя функция не слуша за събития при този елемент
7# LOCALIZATION NOTE (eventbug.Type, eventbug.Capturing): Labels for event columns.
10# LOCALIZATION NOTE (eventbug.inSystemEventGroup, eventbug.allowsUntrusted):
11# Labels used for event listener description.
13eventbug.block_untrusted=недоверен блок
14eventbug.native_listener=не е на Javascript
15# LOCALIZATION NOTE (eventbug.Target_Chain): Label for a side panel displayed within the
16# Events panel.
18# LOCALIZATION NOTE (events.addEventListener_had_use_Capturing): Tooltip for Capturing
19# label (displayed for event handlers with capturing == true)
20events.addEventListener_had_use_Capturing=addEventListener had use Capturing
21# LOCALIZATION NOTE (eventbug.You_need_Firefox_36): Warning message displayed in the Events
22# panel if Firefox 3.6 is not the current browser.
23eventbug.You_need_Firefox_36=Необходим ви е Firefox 3.6
24# LOCALIZATION NOTE (eventbug.Show_Native, eventbug.Show_native_listeners): A label and tooltip
25# used for a toolbar button. If pressed even native listeners (not implemented in Javascript)
26# are displayed.
28eventbug.Show_native_listeners=Показване на машиннозависимите функции (т.е. не са на Javascript)
29# LOCALIZATION NOTE (eventbug.Refresh, eventbug.Refresh_to_show_dyanamically_created_listeners):
30# A label and tooltip for a button that refreshes Events panel content.
32eventbug.Refresh_to_show_dyanamically_created_listeners=Обновяване за показване на динамично прикачените функции
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