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1msgid ""
2msgstr ""
3"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
4"POT-Creation-Date: 2005-11-23 19:26+0200\n"
5"PO-Revision-Date: YEAR-MO-DA HO:MI+ZONE\n"
6"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
7"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <>\n"
8"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
9"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
10"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
12#. <sect1info>
13#.              <copyright>
14#.                      <year>1999</year>
15#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
16#.              </copyright>
17#.              <author>
18#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
19#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
20#.              </author>
21#.              <address><email></email></address>
22#.      </sect1info>
23#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:13(title)
24msgid "Zebra"
25msgstr ""
27#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:14(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:14(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:14(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:14(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:17(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:14(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:14(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:14(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:16(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:14(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:14(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:15(para)
28msgid "written by Rosanna Yuen"
29msgstr ""
31#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:16(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:16(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:19(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:16(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:16(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:19(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:16(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:16(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:15(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:16(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:17(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:16(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:17(sect2)
32msgid "Setup"
33msgstr ""
35#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:25(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:25(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:21(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:23(entry)
36msgid "Type of Deck"
37msgstr ""
39#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:23(entry)
40msgid "Double Deck"
41msgstr ""
43#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:37(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:29(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:25(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:49(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:27(entry)
44msgid "Stock"
45msgstr ""
47#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:28(entry)
48msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. One redeal."
49msgstr ""
51#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:33(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:47(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:47(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:33(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:57(entry)
52msgid "Waste"
53msgstr ""
55#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:43(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:48(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:48(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:37(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:35(entry)
56msgid "To be taken from Stock. Top card available for play."
57msgstr ""
59#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:48(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:56(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:56(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:34(entry)
60msgid "Foundation"
61msgstr ""
63#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:42(entry)
64msgid "Eight piles on top right. Place the eight Aces on to these piles to begin the Foundations. The Foundations are to be built up in alternate color up to Kings. Cards in Foundations are no longer in play."
65msgstr ""
67#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:49(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:33(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:50(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:46(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:50(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:29(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:55(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:33(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:48(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:39(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:61(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:49(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:57(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:51(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:43(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:58(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:33(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:49(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:48(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:48(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:48(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:44(entry)
68msgid "Tableau"
69msgstr ""
71#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:50(entry)
72msgid "Eight piles below Foundations. Deal a card to each Tableau pile to start. Tableau piles are to be built down by alternate color. Only the top card of each pile is available for play. Empty spaces are immediately filled from the Waste, or if the Waste is empty, from the Stock."
73msgstr ""
75#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:62(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:47(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:52(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:50(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:61(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:55(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:52(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:58(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:56(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:52(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:65(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:52(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:51(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:49(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:48(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:53(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:53(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:53(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:53(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:59(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:53(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:55(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:45(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:59(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:49(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:48(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:71(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:38(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:56(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:56(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:45(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:46(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:49(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:47(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:51(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:64(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:54(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:69(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:63(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:44(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:37(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:64(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:43(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:55(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:51(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:70(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:44(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:54(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:38(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:44(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:45(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:45(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:52(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:52(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:53(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:51(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:62(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:44(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:45(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:44(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:47(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:60(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:66(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:53(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:57(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:44(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:48(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:52(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:46(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:54(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:59(sect2)
76msgid "Goal"
77msgstr ""
79#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:63(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:68(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:68(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:70(para)
80msgid "Move all cards on to Foundation piles."
81msgstr ""
83#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:52(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:57(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:55(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:66(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:60(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:58(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:63(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:61(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:57(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:70(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:57(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:56(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:55(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:53(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:72(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:62(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:63(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:62(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:58(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:64(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:58(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:60(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:51(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:64(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:54(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:55(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:76(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:45(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:61(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:61(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:50(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:51(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:54(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:55(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:72(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:56(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:69(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:59(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:74(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:68(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:49(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:42(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:69(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:48(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:60(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:56(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:75(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:49(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:59(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:43(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:49(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:50(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:50(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:57(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:57(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:58(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:56(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:72(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:50(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:50(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:50(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:52(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:65(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:71(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:72(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:62(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:49(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:53(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:57(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:51(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:72(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:59(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:64(sect2)
84msgid "Rules"
85msgstr ""
87#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:68(para)
88msgid "Cards in Tableau are built down by alternate color. Only the top card of each pile is in play. However, to fascilitate play, a whole pile can be moved to an appropriate Foundation with one drag. Double clicking on a pile will move the top card to an appropriate Foundation pile if possible."
89msgstr ""
91#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:75(para)
92msgid "Spaces in Tableau are automatically filled from the Waste, or if Waste is empty, from the Stock."
93msgstr ""
95#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:79(para)
96msgid "Stock is dealt on to Waste singly. Top card of Waste is available for play. There is one redeal."
97msgstr ""
99#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:83(para)
100msgid "Foundations are built up by alternate color from Aces to Kings. Cards in Foundation piles are no longer in play."
101msgstr ""
103#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:88(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:64(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:70(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:71(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:82(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:75(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:78(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:81(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:93(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:70(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:88(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:70(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:66(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:63(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:89(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:78(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:79(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:78(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:74(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:74(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:82(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:72(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:62(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:81(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:66(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:62(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:89(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:60(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:76(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:76(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:63(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:58(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:65(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:97(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:72(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:93(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:73(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:94(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:85(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:55(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:49(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:79(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:58(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:77(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:66(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:96(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:55(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:76(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:50(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:56(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:61(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:68(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:69(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:68(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:77(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:73(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:94(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:89(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:62(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:58(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:82(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:64(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:80(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:93(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:119(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:79(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:56(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:63(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:76(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:64(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:90(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:80(sect2)
104msgid "Options"
105msgstr ""
107#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:89(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:65(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:71(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:72(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:83(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:76(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:79(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:82(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:71(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:89(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:71(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:67(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:64(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:90(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:79(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:80(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:79(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:75(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:75(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:83(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:73(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:63(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:82(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:67(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:90(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:61(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:77(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:77(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:64(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:59(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:68(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:66(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:98(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:73(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:74(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:95(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:86(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:56(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:50(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:80(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:59(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:78(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:67(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:97(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:56(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:77(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:51(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:57(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:62(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:69(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:70(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:69(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:78(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:74(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:95(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:90(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:63(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:59(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:83(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:65(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:94(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:120(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:80(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:57(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:64(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:77(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:65(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:68(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:81(para)
108msgid "None"
109msgstr ""
111#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:91(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:73(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:74(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:85(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:78(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:81(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:84(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:76(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:73(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:91(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:73(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:69(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:73(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:66(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:92(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:81(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:82(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:81(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:77(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:77(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:85(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:75(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:65(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:84(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:69(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:68(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:92(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:63(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:79(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:79(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:66(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:63(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:70(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:68(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:100(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:75(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:100(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:76(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:97(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:88(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:58(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:52(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:82(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:61(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:80(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:69(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:99(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:58(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:79(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:53(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:59(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:64(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:71(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:72(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:71(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:80(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:76(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:97(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:92(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:65(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:61(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:85(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:85(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:96(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:122(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:82(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:59(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:66(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:79(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:95(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:70(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:83(sect2)
112msgid "Scoring"
113msgstr ""
115#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:92(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:68(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:86(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:92(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:67(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:101(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:101(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:77(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:98(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:89(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:80(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:98(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:83(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:96(para)
116msgid "Each card in the Foundation piles scores one point."
117msgstr ""
119#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:95(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:85(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:86(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:85(para)
120msgid "Maximum possible score: 96"
121msgstr ""
123#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:99(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:75(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:81(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:82(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:93(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:86(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:86(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:92(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:81(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:99(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:81(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:75(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:78(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:74(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:100(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:89(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:90(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:89(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:85(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:85(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:93(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:83(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:76(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:92(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:77(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:129(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:97(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:72(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:87(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:87(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:77(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:71(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:78(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:77(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:108(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:83(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:108(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:84(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:105(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:96(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:66(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:60(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:90(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:69(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:90(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:77(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:107(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:66(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:87(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:61(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:72(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:79(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:80(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:79(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:88(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:84(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:105(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:100(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:79(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:69(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:94(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:75(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:93(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:105(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:130(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:90(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:67(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:75(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:87(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:75(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:103(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:78(sect2) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:91(sect2)
124msgid "Strategy"
125msgstr ""
127#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/zebra.xml:100(para)
128msgid "There are very few second chances in the real world, so use them when you find them. Chances are you will need to use the second deal to win this game. Remember where the key cards are and you'll be glad you did."
129msgstr ""
131#. <sect1info>
132#.              <copyright>
133#.                      <year>1998</year>
134#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
135#.              </copyright>
136#.              <author>
137#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
138#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
139#.              </author>
140#.              <address><email></email></address>
141#.      </sect1info>
142#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:13(title)
143msgid "Yukon"
144msgstr ""
146#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:22(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:24(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:23(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:24(entry)
147msgid "Standard Deck"
148msgstr ""
150#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:43(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:33(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:56(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:35(entry)
151msgid "Foundations"
152msgstr ""
154#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:28(entry)
155msgid "Four piles on left. To be built up in suit from Ace to King."
156msgstr ""
158#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:34(entry)
159msgid "Seven piles. Deal card face up in first pile. Place one card face down on all other piles. Place one card face up on next pile followed by one card face down on all covered piles. Repeat until there are seven cards in last pile. Deal the rest of the cards face up on the second to seventh piles. To be built down in opposite color."
160msgstr ""
162#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:48(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:62(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:66(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:49(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:54(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:56(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:57(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:57(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:46(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:52(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:65(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:55(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:64(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:56(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:71(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:55(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:54(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:63(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:61(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:67(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:58(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:49(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:53(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:47(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:68(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:60(para)
163msgid "Move all cards to the Foundation piles."
164msgstr ""
166#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:53(para)
167msgid "Cards in Tableau are built down in opposite color. Groups of cards can be moved regardless of sequence. A faced-down card is flipped when it is unburied. An empty pile in the Tableau can be filled with a King or a group of cards with a King on the bottom."
168msgstr ""
170#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:59(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:58(para)
171msgid "Foundations are built up in suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundations are no longer in play."
172msgstr ""
174#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:71(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:77(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:89(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:82(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:77(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:95(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:77(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:70(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:81(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:89(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:88(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:73(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:68(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:83(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:83(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:67(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:74(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:104(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:104(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:80(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:101(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:62(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:56(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:65(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:103(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:62(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:83(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:57(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:68(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:84(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:80(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:101(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:71(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:101(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:86(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:83(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:71(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:74(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:87(para)
175msgid "Maximum possible score: 52"
176msgstr ""
178#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yukon.xml:76(para)
179msgid "Try and uncover as many cards as early on as possible. Doing so will greatly aid your quest to conquer yukon."
180msgstr ""
182#. <sect1info>
183#.              <copyright>
184#.                      <year>2001</year>
185#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
186#.              </copyright>
187#.              <author>
188#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
189#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
190#.              </author>
191#.              <address><email></email></address>
192#.      </sect1info>
193#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:13(title)
194msgid "Yield"
195msgstr ""
197#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:28(entry)
198msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. No redeals."
199msgstr ""
201#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:35(entry)
202msgid "To be taken from Stock. Top card and bottom card available for play."
203msgstr ""
205#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:42(entry)
206msgid "Deal cards face up in seven overlapping rows starting with seven cards on the first row, decreasing by one per row and staggering the piles as to achieve an inverted pyramid."
207msgstr ""
209#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:53(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:53(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:53(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:50(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:47(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:50(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:45(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:38(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:44(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:45(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:39(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:46(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:52(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:45(para)
210msgid "Remove all cards."
211msgstr ""
213#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:58(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:58(para)
214msgid "All exposed cards in the pyramid are available for play. Kings can be removed singly. All other cards can be removed in pairs that add up to treize with Aces equal to 1, Jacks equal to 11, and Queens equal to 12."
215msgstr ""
217#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:63(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:63(para)
218msgid "Cards can be flipped singly from the Stock to the Waste. Top and bottom cards are available for play either by themselves or with the available cards in the pyramid. The top card of the Waste can also be played with the second card on the Waste. There is no redeal."
219msgstr ""
221#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:74(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:74(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:74(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:64(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:62(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:54(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:60(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:123(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:71(para)
222msgid "Each card removed scores one point."
223msgstr ""
225#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/yield.xml:82(para)
226msgid "Removing the bottom of the inverted pyramid is the hard part. Once that is achieved, it is sometimes better to remove cards from the Waste than the inverted pyramid, as there are more cards in play there."
227msgstr ""
229#. <sect1info>
230#.     <copyright>
231#.       <year>2001</year>
232#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
233#.     </copyright>
234#.     <author>
235#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
236#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
237#.     </author>
238#.     <address><email></email></address>
239#.   </sect1info>
240#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:13(title)
241msgid "Will o' the Wisp"
242msgstr ""
244#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:28(entry)
245msgid "Top left pile. Deals a card to each Tableau pile when clicked."
246msgstr ""
248#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:35(entry)
249msgid "Four piles top right."
250msgstr ""
252#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:41(entry)
253msgid "Seven piles on the bottom. Deal two cards face down and one card face up on every pile."
254msgstr ""
256#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:51(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:54(para)
257msgid "Create four piles of thirteen cards each built down in suit and sequence."
258msgstr ""
260#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:56(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:59(para)
261msgid "Cards in Tableau can be built down regardless of suit. Builds of cards in sequence and in the same suit can by moved as a unit. Empty Tableau piles can be filled with any card or build of cards."
262msgstr ""
264#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:61(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:64(para)
265msgid "Each Tableau pile must be filled before any deal. Clicking on the Stock will deal a card on to every Tableau pile except for the last deal which places one card on each of the first three piles."
266msgstr ""
268#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:66(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:69(para)
269msgid "A build of all thirteen cards in a suit may be moved on to a Foundation pile. Cards in the Foundation are no longer in play."
270msgstr ""
272#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:75(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:78(para)
273msgid "Every pair of cards in suit and sequence scores one point."
274msgstr ""
276#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:78(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:96(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:81(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:79(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:73(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:79(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:86(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:63(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:96(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:65(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:90(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:89(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:63(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:71(para)
277msgid "Maximum possible score: 48"
278msgstr ""
280#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/will_o_the_wisp.xml:83(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:86(para)
281msgid "Try to keep a Tableau pile empty whenever possible to create a swap space for moving around cards."
282msgstr ""
284#. <sect1info>
285#.     <copyright>
286#.       <year>2001</year>
287#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
288#.     </copyright>
289#.     <author>
290#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
291#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
292#.     </author>
293#.     <address><email></email></address>
294#.   </sect1info>
295#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:13(title)
296msgid "Whitehead"
297msgstr ""
299#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:28(entry)
300msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing on to the Tableau. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. No redeals."
301msgstr ""
303#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:43(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:43(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:42(entry)
304msgid "Four piles top right. To be built up in suit from Ace to King. Topmost card in each Foundation can be played back on to the Tableau."
305msgstr ""
307#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:51(entry)
308msgid "Seven piles. Deal all cards face up such that there is one card in the first pile, two in the second pile, ending with seven in the seventh pile."
309msgstr ""
311#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:67(para)
312msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by same color. Builds of cards that are the same suit and in sequence can be moved as a unit. Empty Tableau slots can be filled with any card or build of cards."
313msgstr ""
315#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:72(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:69(para)
316msgid "Cards are flipped from the Stock to the Waste individually. Top card in Waste is in play. There are no redeals."
317msgstr ""
319#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:76(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:82(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:81(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:73(para)
320msgid "Foundations are built up in suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundations are still in play. Double clicking on a card will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible."
321msgstr ""
323#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/whitehead.xml:94(para)
324msgid "Empty Tableau slots are a prized commodity in this game. Sometimes keeping them around until you need them is a very good idea."
325msgstr ""
327#. <sect1info>
328#.              <copyright>
329#.                      <year>1999</year>
330#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
331#.              </copyright>
332#.              <author>
333#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
334#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
335#.              </author>
336#.              <address><email></email></address></sect1info>
337#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:12(title)
338msgid "Westhaven"
339msgstr ""
341#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:41(entry)
342msgid "Four piles on top row. To be built up in suit from Ace to King."
343msgstr ""
345#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:47(entry)
346msgid "Ten piles of three cards each, with the last row of cards face up."
347msgstr ""
349#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:56(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:60(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:46(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:48(para)
350msgid "Move all cards to Foundation piles."
351msgstr ""
353#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:61(para)
354msgid "Cards in Tableau are built down by alternate color. The top card or the complete face up portion of each pile is available for play. Empty piles can be filled with any available card or group of cards."
355msgstr ""
357#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:66(para)
358msgid "Foundation piles are to be built up in suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundation are no longer in play."
359msgstr ""
361#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:70(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:76(para)
362msgid "Cards are flipped singly from Stock to Waste. Top card of Waste pile is always available for play. There are no redeals."
363msgstr ""
365#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:79(para)
366msgid "Each card moved to Foundation scores one point."
367msgstr ""
369#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/westhaven.xml:87(para)
370msgid "Caution is for those who actually have money at stake. Live dangerously. Make any moves you can, as chance is on your side."
371msgstr ""
373#. <sect1info>
374#.              <copyright>
375#.                      <year>2001</year>
376#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
377#.              </copyright>
378#.              <author>
379#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
380#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
381#.              </author>
382#.              <address><email></email></address>
383#.      </sect1info>
384#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:13(title)
385msgid "Valentine"
386msgstr ""
388#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:28(entry)
389msgid "Top left pile. All remaining cards are placed here after dealing."
390msgstr ""
392#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:35(entry)
393msgid "Top right pile. Can only hold one card."
394msgstr ""
396#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:41(entry)
397msgid "Four piles. One card is dealt in each slot at the beginning of the game. Redealing from the stock moves all cards currently in the Tableau to the bottom of the Foundation slot."
398msgstr ""
400#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:53(para)
401msgid "Have all the cards in the Tableau, each slot containing Ace to King of one suit. Avoid going crazy achieving this."
402msgstr ""
404#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:59(para)
405msgid "If any two cards dealt on to the Tableau are the same suit and in sequence, place the lower card on to the higher. Aces are low, Kings are high and sequence does not wrap. Click on the Foundation to fill in the empty slots that are made."
406msgstr ""
408#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:65(para)
409msgid "When no plays can be made in the Tableau, click on the Foundation to deal a card on to the Waste. If this card can be played on to any of the Tableau piles, do so. Repeat this process until there are no more moves in the Tableau or from the Waste."
410msgstr ""
412#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:71(para)
413msgid "At this point, clicking on the Foundation again moves all the cards in the Tableau back to the bottom of the deck. The card in the Waste is put in the first Tableau pile and the rest of the Tableau is filled with one card each from the Foundation."
414msgstr ""
416#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:82(para)
417msgid "There is no scoring in this game."
418msgstr ""
420#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/valentine.xml:87(para)
421msgid "A great game for killing time, Valentine really has no strategy, unless the strategy is to play it instead of doing other, more important things, like going to bed."
422msgstr ""
424#. <sect1info>
425#.              <copyright>
426#.                      <year>1999</year>
427#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
428#.              </copyright>
429#.              <author>
430#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
431#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
432#.              </author>
433#.              <address><email></email></address>
434#.      </sect1info>
435#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:13(title)
436msgid "Union Square"
437msgstr ""
439#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:42(entry)
440msgid "Deal face up a four by four grid for the Tableau, making sixteen piles. Top card of each pile available for play."
441msgstr ""
443#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:49(entry)
444msgid "Four piles on the right. Foundation piles are built by suit from Ace to King, then King back to Ace."
445msgstr ""
447#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:59(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:72(para)
448msgid "Move all cards to Foundations."
449msgstr ""
451#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:64(para)
452msgid "Cards in Tableau can be built either up or down in suit. However, each pile must follow only one of these rules. For example, if a Tableau pile has a three of clubs over a two of clubs, one can only play a four of clubs on this pile. Any available card can be played on to an empty Tableau pile."
453msgstr ""
455#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:71(para)
456msgid "Foundation piles are to be built in suit from Ace to King, followed by another King, then back down to Ace, giving 26 cards per pile when game is won. Cards in Foundation piles are no longer in play."
457msgstr ""
459#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:76(para)
460msgid "Cards can be flipped singly from the Stock to the Waste. Top card of Waste is available for play. There is no redeal."
461msgstr ""
463#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:85(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:78(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:83(para)
464msgid "Each card moved to Foundations scores one point."
465msgstr ""
467#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:88(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:92(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:99(para)
468msgid "Maximum possible score: 104"
469msgstr ""
471#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/union_square.xml:93(para)
472msgid "A string of beads can be added to from both ends, and so should your piles. Make good use of any empty slots to append cards. With a little perseverance, this game can be a lot of fun!"
473msgstr ""
475#. <sect1info>
476#.              <copyright>
477#.                      <year>2005</year>
478#.                      <holder>Richard Hoelscher</holder>
479#.              </copyright>
480#.              <author>
481#.                      <firstname>Richard</firstname>
482#.                      <surname>Hoelscher</surname>
483#.              </author>
484#.              <address><email></email></address>
485#.      </sect1info>
486#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:13(title)
487msgid "Triple Peaks"
488msgstr ""
490#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:15(para)
491msgid "written by Richard Hoelscher"
492msgstr ""
494#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:36(entry)
495msgid "All play is on the Waste pile. Cards faced down are not part of the current scoring run."
496msgstr ""
498#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:43(entry)
499msgid "Deal 18 cards face down in the form of three triangles, with three rows in each triangle, increasing with one card in the first row to three in the last. Connect the triangles by dealing another 10 cards face up in the bottom row. End cards of each row should overlap the end cards of the row above, and interior cards should overlap two adjacent cards of that row."
500msgstr ""
502#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:57(para)
503msgid "Remove all cards from the Tableau."
504msgstr ""
506#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:62(para)
507msgid "Exposed cards in the Tableau are available for play. Build on the top card of Waste with cards ranked immediately above or below it from the Tableau, regardless of suit. Aces are ranked both above Kings and below Deuces."
508msgstr ""
510#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:68(para)
511msgid "Tableau cards are made available when not covered by other cards."
512msgstr ""
514#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:72(para)
515msgid "Cards can be flipped singly from Stock to the top of Waste."
516msgstr ""
518#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:77(para)
519msgid "The score for each card played is equal to the number of cards your have played since the last card flipped from the Stock to the Waste. The longer the run, the higher your score."
520msgstr ""
522#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:83(para)
523msgid "5 points are deducted when you flip a card from Stock to Waste. Each triangle peak cleared will give a 15 point bonus, and an additional 15 points are awarded when all the cards have been cleared from the Tableau."
524msgstr ""
526#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:89(para)
527msgid "Maximum possible score for a single round: 466"
528msgstr ""
530#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:95(para)
531msgid "Multiplier Scoring: Points double for every card played in a run. A run of five cards will score 1, 2, 4, 16, and 32 points, for a total of 55 points. Bonuses are worth 25 points. No points are deducted for playing a card from the stock to the waste."
532msgstr ""
534#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/triple_peaks.xml:102(para)
535msgid "Progressive Rounds: After all cards have been cleared from the tableu, a new round begins. The score from the last round carries over into the new round."
536msgstr ""
538#. <sect1info>
539#.              <copyright>
540#.                      <year>2001</year>
541#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
542#.              </copyright>
543#.              <author>
544#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
545#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
546#.              </author>
547#.              <address><email></email></address>
548#.      </sect1info>
549#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:13(title)
550msgid "Treize"
551msgstr ""
553#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:42(entry)
554msgid "Deal cards face up in seven overlapping rows starting with one card on the first row, increasing by one per row and staggering the piles as to achieve a pyramid."
555msgstr ""
557#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/treize.xml:82(para)
558msgid "This game is easier to win than Thirteen. This is because you can plan ahead and avoid blocks by strategic play."
559msgstr ""
561#. <sect1info>
562#.     <copyright>
563#.       <year>1999</year>
564#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
565#.     </copyright>
566#.     <author>
567#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
568#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
569#.     </author>
570#.     <address><email></email></address>
571#.   </sect1info>
572#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:13(title)
573msgid "Thumb and Pouch"
574msgstr ""
576#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:27(entry)
577msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing on to the Tableau. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. Two redeals."
578msgstr ""
580#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:51(entry)
581msgid "Seven piles. Deal card face up in first pile. Place one card face down on all other piles. Place one card face up on next pile followed by one card face down on all covered piles. Repeat until there are seven cards in last pile. Tableau can be built down in any suit but own. Groups of cards can be moved. Empty piles can be filled by any legal sequence of cards."
582msgstr ""
584#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:71(para)
585msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by any suit but own. Groups of cards can be moved. An empty pile in the Tableau can be filled with a any legal sequence of cards."
586msgstr ""
588#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:76(para)
589msgid "Cards are flipped from the stock to the Waste individually. Top card in Waste is in play. When Stock is empty, move all cards in Waste back to the Stock, maintaining order. You can go through the deck three times."
590msgstr ""
592#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thumb_and_pouch.xml:100(para)
593msgid "Brute force may not always work, but in this case it probably will."
594msgstr ""
596#. <sect1info>
597#.     <copyright>
598#.       <year>1999</year>
599#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
600#.     </copyright>
601#.     <author>
602#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
603#.       <surname>Yuen</surname></author>
604#.     <address><email></email></address>
605#.   </sect1info>
606#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:12(title)
607msgid "Thirteen"
608msgstr ""
610#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:42(entry)
611msgid "Deal face down seven overlapping rows starting with one card on the first row, increasing by one per row and staggering the piles as to achieve a pyramid. Flip bottom row."
612msgstr ""
614#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:58(para)
615msgid "All exposed cards in the pyramid are available for play. Kings can be removed singly. All other cards can be removed in pairs that add up to thirteen with Aces equal to 1, Jacks equal to 11, and Queens equal to 12."
616msgstr ""
618#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:64(para)
619msgid "Cards can be flipped singly from the Stock to the Waste. Top and bottom cards are available for play either by themselves or with the available cards in the pyramid. There is no redeal."
620msgstr ""
622#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thirteen.xml:82(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:80(para)
623msgid "Every pyramid needs a strong foundation. Get rid of the lower cards first, with an eye out to try to expose as many cards as possible."
624msgstr ""
626#. <sect1info>
627#.     <copyright>
628#.       <year>1999</year>
629#.       <holder>Robert Brady</holder>
630#.     </copyright>
631#.     <author>
632#.       <firstname>Robert</firstname>
633#.       <surname>Brady</surname>
634#.     </author>
635#.     <address>
636#.       <email></email>
637#.     </address>
638#.   </sect1info>
639#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:15(title)
640msgid "Thieves"
641msgstr ""
643#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:17(para)
644msgid "written by Robert Brady"
645msgstr ""
647#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:26(entry)
648msgid "Joker Deck"
649msgstr ""
651#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:30(entry)
652msgid "Seven piles of five cards each, face up."
653msgstr ""
655#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:30(entry)
656msgid "Place all remaining cards here. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. No redeals."
657msgstr ""
659#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:52(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:52(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:53(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:53(para)
660msgid "Move all cards to Waste."
661msgstr ""
663#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:57(para)
664msgid "The Waste can be built up or down from the available cards on the Tableau. Jokers are wild and can be played on any rank as well as be played upon by a card of any rank."
665msgstr ""
667#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:62(para)
668msgid "At any point, a card can be dealt from the Stock to the Waste."
669msgstr ""
671#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:70(para)
672msgid "In rank order you get, 8, 6, 6, 4, 4, 2, 2, 2, 4, 4, 6, 6, 8 for each type of card.. No points are scored for jokers."
673msgstr ""
675#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/thieves.xml:76(para)
676msgid "Since you can see all the cards on the Tableau, try to engineer `runs', to try and get rid of as many cards up there as possible, as you only have a finite supply of cards in Stock."
677msgstr ""
679#. <sect1info>
680#.              <copyright>
681#.                      <year>1999</year>
682#.                      <holder>James LewisMoss</holder>
683#.              </copyright>
684#.              <author>
685#.                      <firstname>James</firstname>
686#.                      <surname>LewisMoss</surname>
687#.              </author>
688#.              <address><email></email></address>
689#.      </sect1info>
690#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:13(title)
691msgid "Ten Across"
692msgstr ""
694#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:15(para)
695msgid "written by James LewisMoss"
696msgstr ""
698#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:27(entry)
699msgid "Temporary Spots"
700msgstr ""
702#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:28(entry)
703msgid "Locations to place one card out of play. The spots begin the game filled. One version of the game does not allow you o put new cards into these spots once they are empty."
704msgstr ""
706#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:36(entry)
707msgid "Ten piles across the bottom. To deal place 10 cards across going from left to right with the first and last cards face up. Continuing you place ten cards across the piles from right to left (reversed) with the first two and last two cards placed face up. Continue this pattern (reversed and one more card each pass) until 50 cards have been placed. Place the last two cards in the temporary spots at the top."
708msgstr ""
710#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:50(para)
711msgid "Form four piles in the tableau all of the same suit running from King to Ace."
712msgstr ""
714#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:56(para)
715msgid "Only a King may be moved to a blank tableau spot."
716msgstr ""
718#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:59(para)
719msgid "Cards may be moved only onto other cards if the suit matches and the moved card is one less than the moved to. This includes moving a pile of cards of different suits as long as the top card of the moved pile matches the bottom card of the location moved. to."
720msgstr ""
722#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:68(para)
723msgid "No Use Temporary Spots: If checked the temporary spots may not be reused."
724msgstr ""
726#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:74(para)
727msgid "You win or lose. There is no scoring."
728msgstr ""
730#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/ten_across.xml:79(para)
731msgid "This game is hard to win (being very influenced by how the cards are placed to begin with. Don't forget you have the temporary spots. Try to clear them quickly because they are very useful when you get stuck."
732msgstr ""
734#. <sect1info>
735#.     <copyright>
736#.       <year>2001</year>
737#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
738#.     </copyright>
739#.     <author>
740#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
741#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
742#.     </author>
743#.     <address><email></email></address>
744#.   </sect1info>
745#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:13(title)
746msgid "Streets and Alleys"
747msgstr ""
749#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:28(entry)
750msgid "Four piles in the middle column. To be built from Ace to King. Topmost card in each Foundation can be played back on to the Tableau."
751msgstr ""
753#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:36(entry)
754msgid "Eight slots (four to the left and four to the right of Foundations.) Deal all cards face up and extended on to these eight piles so that there are seven cards in each pile on the left flank and six cards in each pile on the right flank and all cards are showing."
755msgstr ""
757#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:54(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:54(para)
758msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down regardless of suit. Only one card can be moved at a time. Empty piles can be filled with any single card."
759msgstr ""
761#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:59(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:59(para)
762msgid "Foundations are built up in suit."
763msgstr ""
765#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/streets_and_alleys.xml:75(para)
766msgid "Build evenly on to Foundations if possible. Try and get an empty Tableau slot."
767msgstr ""
769#. <sect1info>
770#.              <copyright>
771#.                      <year>1999</year>
772#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
773#.              </copyright>
774#.              <author>
775#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
776#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
777#.              </author>
778#.              <address><email></email></address>
779#.      </sect1info>
780#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:13(title)
781msgid "Straight Up"
782msgstr ""
784#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:26(entry)
785msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. Two redeals."
786msgstr ""
788#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:42(entry)
789msgid "Four piles on top right. Deal one two on each Foundation pile to start. To be built up in suit to Ace."
790msgstr ""
792#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:48(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:48(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:50(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:53(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:40(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:42(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:26(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:42(entry)
793msgid "Reserve"
794msgstr ""
796#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:49(entry)
797msgid "Pile under Stock. Deal thirteen cards here to begin. Top card available for play on to Tableau or Foundation piles."
798msgstr ""
800#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:56(entry)
801msgid "Four piles bottom right. Deal one card on each pile to start. Piles can be built in suit. Spaces are automatically filled from Reserve. Once Reserve is empty, Tableau spaces can be filled from the Waste at your leisure."
802msgstr ""
804#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:73(para)
805msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down in suit. Groups of cards can be moved. An empty slot in the Tableau is filled automatically from the Reserve. If the Reserve is empty, an empty slot can be filled by the top card of the Waste at your leisure."
806msgstr ""
808#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:79(para)
809msgid "Cards can be flipped singly from the Stock to the Waste. Top card is available for play. There are two redeals"
810msgstr ""
812#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:83(para)
813msgid "Foundations are built up in suit from twos to aces. Cards in Foundations are no longer in play. Double clicking on a card will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible."
814msgstr ""
816#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:93(para)
817msgid "Each card moved to Foundation piles scores one point."
818msgstr ""
820#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/straight_up.xml:101(para)
821msgid "No point lagging behind! Move cards to Foundation piles whenever possible."
822msgstr ""
824#. <sect1info>
825#.              <copyright>
826#.                      <year>1998</year>
827#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
828#.              </copyright>
829#.              <author>
830#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
831#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
832#.              </author>
833#.              <address><email></email></address>
834#.      </sect1info>
835#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:13(title)
836msgid "Spider"
837msgstr ""
839#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:15(para)
840msgid "written by Jonathan Blandford"
841msgstr ""
843#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:28(entry)
844msgid "Top left pile. Deck placed here after dealing onto Tableau. Clicking deals one card face up to every pile."
845msgstr ""
847#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:35(entry)
848msgid "Top eight piles. Not part of \"official rules\"."
849msgstr ""
851#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:41(entry)
852msgid "Ten piles. Four piles (piles 1, 4, 7, and 10) get dealt 5 cards down and one card up while rest of the piles get dealt 4 cards down and one card up. Cards can be built down regardless of suit. Sequences of cards in the same suit can be moved as a unit. Empty piles can be filled with any card or movable unit."
853msgstr ""
855#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:54(para)
856msgid "To have eight sequences of cards (two for each suit) going down from King down to Ace in the foundation."
857msgstr ""
859#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:58(para)
860msgid "If you want an extremely difficult challenge, you can also win by forming the same eight sequences in the tableau. This is harder because there are fewer empty piles available. In fact, it is nearly impossible."
861msgstr ""
863#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:63(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:64(para)
864msgid "Build down regardless of suit. Sequences of cards in the same suit can be moved as a unit. Empty piles can be filled with any card or legal sequence."
865msgstr ""
867#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:68(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:69(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:68(para)
868msgid "Clicking on the Stock pile at any time deals a card face up to every pile. However, all piles must be non-empty. If an empty pile exists, an error message will appear."
869msgstr ""
871#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:73(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:74(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:73(para)
872msgid "A sequence of thirteen cards can be moved to a foundation pile. Once there, these cards are no longer in play."
873msgstr ""
875#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:82(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:83(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:82(para)
876msgid "For every sequence in suit, points given is (length of sequence - 1)."
877msgstr ""
879#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider.xml:90(para)
880msgid "If at first you don't succeed, don't become addicted. Build in suit whenever possible, but expose as many cards as you can."
881msgstr ""
883#. <sect1info>
884#.              <copyright>
885#.                      <year>1998</year>
886#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
887#.              </copyright>
888#.              <author>
889#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
890#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
891#.              </author>
892#.              <address><email></email></address>
893#.      </sect1info>
894#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:13(title)
895msgid "Two Suit Spider"
896msgstr ""
898#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:24(entry)
899msgid "Quadruple Deck, Hearts and Spades Only"
900msgstr ""
902#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:35(entry)
903msgid "Top eight piles."
904msgstr ""
906#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:54(para)
907msgid "To have eight sequences of cards (four for each suit) going down from King down to Ace in the foundation."
908msgstr ""
910#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:58(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:58(para)
911msgid "If you want an extra challenge, you can also win by forming the same eight sequences in the tableau. This is harder because there are fewer empty piles available."
912msgstr ""
914#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_two_suit.xml:91(para)
915msgid "Not quite as diabolical as the full spider game, but the same strategy applies: build in suit whenever possible, and expose as many cards as you can."
916msgstr ""
918#. <sect1info>
919#.              <copyright>
920#.                      <year>1998</year>
921#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
922#.              </copyright>
923#.              <author>
924#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
925#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
926#.              </author>
927#.              <address><email></email></address>
928#.      </sect1info>
929#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:13(title)
930msgid "One Suit Spider"
931msgstr ""
933#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:24(entry)
934msgid "Octuple Deck, Spades Only"
935msgstr ""
937#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:41(entry)
938msgid "Ten piles. Four piles (piles 1, 4, 7, and 10) get dealt 5 cards down and one card up while rest of the piles get dealt 4 cards down and one card up. Cards can be built down in seqeunce and sequences of cards can be moved as a unit. Empty piles can be filled with any card or movable unit."
939msgstr ""
941#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:54(para)
942msgid "To have eight sequences of cards going down from King down to Ace in the foundation."
943msgstr ""
945#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:63(para)
946msgid "Build down in sequence. Sequences of cards can be moved as a unit. Empty piles can be filled with any card or legal sequence."
947msgstr ""
949#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spider_one_suit.xml:90(para)
950msgid "This is the simplest of the spider games and a good way to learn the basics. Make sequences when you can and try and expose as many cards as possible."
951msgstr ""
953#. <sect1info>
954#.     <copyright>
955#.       <year>2001</year>
956#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
957#.     </copyright>
958#.     <author>
959#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
960#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
961#.     </author>
962#.     <address><email></email></address>
963#.   </sect1info>
964#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:13(title)
965msgid "Spiderette"
966msgstr ""
968#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/spiderette.xml:41(entry)
969msgid "Seven piles on the bottom. Deal one card face down on all seven piles, then one on the last six piles, followed by one on the last five piles. Continue in this manner until you have seven cards in the last pile. Flip up the top card on every pile."
970msgstr ""
972#. <sect1info>
973#.              <copyright>
974#.                      <year>2001</year>
975#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
976#.              </copyright>
977#.              <author>
978#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
979#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
980#.              </author>
981#.              <address><email></email></address>
982#.      </sect1info>
983#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:13(title)
984msgid "Sir Tommy"
985msgstr ""
987#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:28(entry)
988msgid "Top left pile. All cards are placed here at beginning of play. Cards are dealt singly to Waste."
989msgstr ""
991#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:35(entry)
992msgid "To the right of the Stock. Can only hold one card. Card must immediately be placed on either a Foundation pile or on to the Reserve pile of your choice."
993msgstr ""
995#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:43(entry)
996msgid "Four piles on top, to the right of Waste. To be built in sequence from Ace to King regardless of suit."
997msgstr ""
999#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:49(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:43(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:50(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:27(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:33(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:33(entry)
1000msgid "Reserves"
1001msgstr ""
1003#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:50(entry)
1004msgid "Four piles placed underneath Foundations. Cards in Reserve can only be played on to Foundation piles."
1005msgstr ""
1007#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:60(para)
1008msgid "Move all cards to the Foundations"
1009msgstr ""
1011#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:65(para)
1012msgid "Build on to Foundations in sequence from Ace to King regardless of suit. Cards in Foundations are no longer in play. Cards are dealt singly in to the Waste from the Stock. However, as the Waste pile can only hold one card, this card must immediately be played on to a Foundation pile or on to any of the four Reserve piles. Cards in the Reserve piles cannot be rearranged."
1013msgstr ""
1015#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/sir_tommy.xml:86(para)
1016msgid "Try not to place cards of higher rank on to cards of lower rank in the Reserve."
1017msgstr ""
1019#. <sect1info>
1020#.              <copyright>
1021#.                      <year>2001</year>
1022#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1023#.              </copyright>
1024#.              <author>
1025#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1026#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1027#.              </author>
1028#.              <address><email></email></address>
1029#.      </sect1info>
1030#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:13(title)
1031msgid "Seahaven"
1032msgstr ""
1034#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:28(entry)
1035msgid "Four piles -- two top left, two top right. Built from Ace to King in suit."
1036msgstr ""
1038#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:35(entry)
1039msgid "Four piles at top in the center. Each reserve can only hold one card. Two of the reserves are each dealt one card to start."
1040msgstr ""
1042#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:43(entry)
1043msgid "Ten piles underneath the Foundation and Reserves. The other fifty cards are dealt face up here with five in each slot."
1044msgstr ""
1046#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:59(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:59(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:58(para)
1047msgid "The Tableau is built down by suit. Only the top card or build of cards can be moved. A build of cards can only be moved if the number of cards in the build is equal or less than one more than the number of Reserve slots free. Empty spaces in the Tableau can only be filled with a King or a build starting with a King."
1048msgstr ""
1050#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:66(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:66(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:65(para)
1051msgid "Foundations are built up by suit from Ace to King. Although cards in the Foundations are technically still in play, there really is no need as playing these cards are not in any way helpful."
1052msgstr ""
1054#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:71(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:71(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:70(para)
1055msgid "Any top card in the Tableau can be placed in an empty Reserve slot. These cards are available for play back into the Tableau or on to a Foundation pile."
1056msgstr ""
1058#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:76(para)
1059msgid "As a convenience, sequences of the same suit can be moved onto the matching Foundation pile rather than being moved individually. This is especially useful at the end of the game."
1060msgstr ""
1062#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:86(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:76(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:76(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:100(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:81(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:80(para)
1063msgid "Each card placed on to the Foundation piles scores one point."
1064msgstr ""
1066#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/seahaven.xml:94(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:89(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:88(para)
1067msgid "Move any card you can on to the Foundations as soon as possible. Leaving them around can only hinder your movement."
1068msgstr ""
1070#. <sect1info>
1071#.              <copyright>
1072#.                      <year>2001</year>
1073#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1074#.              </copyright>
1075#.              <author>
1076#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1077#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1078#.              </author>
1079#.              <address><email></email></address>
1080#.      </sect1info>
1081#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:13(title)
1082msgid "Scuffle"
1083msgstr ""
1085#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:28(entry)
1086msgid "Top left pile. All cards except the Aces are placed here at the start of play. Clicking on the Stock will deal one card to each of the four Reserve piles. Two redeals allowed."
1087msgstr ""
1089#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:35(entry)
1090msgid "Four piles on top, to the right of Stock. Place an Ace on each Foundation to begin the game. The Foundation piles are to be built up regardless of suit."
1091msgstr ""
1093#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:44(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:43(entry)
1094msgid "Four piles placed underneath Foundations. Each time Stock is clicked, one card will be placed on each Reserve pile. Top card is available for play. Reserve cards can only be moved on to Foundations."
1095msgstr ""
1097#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:61(para)
1098msgid "Play begins by dealing four cards face up on to the Reserve. If possible, play cards on to the Foundation from the Reserve. Continue this process until no cards are left in stock and no more moves on to the Foundation can be made."
1099msgstr ""
1101#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:67(para)
1102msgid "Take all cards left over on the Reserve and reshuffle. Place these cards back to the stock for redealing. There are two redeals."
1103msgstr ""
1105#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scuffle.xml:84(para)
1106msgid "Try to keep in mind what is underneath the Reserve piles. When given a choice, it is this knowledge which should help you decide which card to play."
1107msgstr ""
1109#. <sect1info>
1110#.              <copyright>
1111#.                      <year>1999</year>
1112#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1113#.              </copyright>
1114#.              <author>
1115#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1116#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1117#.              </author>
1118#.              <address><email></email></address>
1119#.      </sect1info>
1120#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:13(title)
1121msgid "Scorpion"
1122msgstr ""
1124#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:28(entry)
1125msgid "Top left pile. The last three cards are placed here after the deal."
1126msgstr ""
1128#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:34(entry)
1129msgid "Seven piles to the right of Stock. * Deal one cards face down on each of the first four rows. Deal one card face up on the last three rows. Repeat from * two more times, dealing a total of three rows. Deal one card face up on each pile for four more rows."
1130msgstr ""
1132#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:46(para)
1133msgid "Create four piles of thirteen cards each, each pile consisting of one suit and in rank order."
1134msgstr ""
1136#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:52(para)
1137msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by suit. Groups of cards can be moved regardless of sequence. An empty pile in the Tableau can be filled with a King or a group of cards with a King on the bottom."
1138msgstr ""
1140#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:57(para)
1141msgid "At any point, clicking on the Stock will deal the last three cards, one each on the first three piles."
1142msgstr ""
1144#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:66(para)
1145msgid "For every sequence in suit, points given is (length of sequence - 1). Each time a sequence of thirteen is created and is in its own slot, four extra points are awarded. Reaching a card that was face down gives three points."
1146msgstr ""
1148#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:72(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:75(para)
1149msgid "Maximum possible score: 100"
1150msgstr ""
1152#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/scorpion.xml:77(para)
1153msgid "Unknotting knots is not often easy. Avoid tangling yourself up with no way out."
1154msgstr ""
1156#. <sect1info>
1157#.     <copyright>
1158#.       <year>1999</year>
1159#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1160#.     </copyright>
1161#.     <author>
1162#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1163#.       <surname>Yuen</surname></author>
1164#.     <address><email></email></address>
1165#.   </sect1info>
1166#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:12(title)
1167msgid "Royal East"
1168msgstr ""
1170#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:41(entry)
1171msgid "Four corner piles of three by three grid. Deal one card on to first Foundation pile. This card is now the base card. Build up in suit, playing Aces on Kings as necessary."
1172msgstr ""
1174#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:49(entry)
1175msgid "Deal one card face up on each of the five Tableau piles. These piles are the ones forming a cross in the three by three grid."
1176msgstr ""
1178#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:65(para)
1179msgid "Cards in Tableau are built down regardless of suit. Kings can be placed on Aces. Cards can only be moved singly. Any available card can be played on an empty Tableau pile."
1180msgstr ""
1182#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:70(para)
1183msgid "Each Foundation pile must be started with a card the same rank as the base card. Foundation piles are to be built up in suit from base card, playing Aces on top of Kings if necessary. Cards in Foundation piles are no longer in play."
1184msgstr ""
1186#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:85(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:65(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:68(para)
1187msgid "Each card in Foundation piles scores one point."
1188msgstr ""
1190#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/royal_east.xml:93(para)
1191msgid "Hidden treasures are wonderful things, but only if you know they are there. Keep track of what cards are in which piles as this information will probably come in handy."
1192msgstr ""
1194#. <sect1info>
1195#.              <copyright>
1196#.                      <year>2001</year>
1197#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1198#.              </copyright>
1199#.              <author>
1200#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1201#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1202#.              </author>
1203#.              <address><email></email></address>
1204#.      </sect1info>
1205#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:13(title)
1206msgid "Quatorze"
1207msgstr ""
1209#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:28(entry)
1210msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. Empty spaces in the Tableau are immediately filled in with cards from the Stock."
1211msgstr ""
1213#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:36(entry)
1214msgid "Five-by-five grid, each capable of holding one card. One card dealt to each space at the beginning of the game. Empty spaces are filled in from the Stock. Once Stock is exhausted, spaces are filled by moving cards from the right to the left, from the leftmost card of the row below to the the rightmost space, leaving all empty spaces at the end."
1215msgstr ""
1217#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:55(para)
1218msgid "Cards can be removed in pairs if they add up to fourteen (with Jacks being 11, Queens 12, and Kings 13) and are in the same row or column."
1219msgstr ""
1221#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:59(para)
1222msgid "Empty slots are automatically filled from the Stock. Once the Stock is exhausted, cards to the right of empty piles are automatically moved over to fill the space, with empty piles in the right column filled in by the cards of the leftmost column in the row below."
1223msgstr ""
1225#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:70(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:71(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:53(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:59(para)
1226msgid "Each pair of cards removed scores two points."
1227msgstr ""
1229#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/quatorze.xml:78(para)
1230msgid "Oftentimes in the middle of this game, there is only one move. Make it. Once the Stock is exhausted, there is much more movement in the Tableau."
1231msgstr ""
1233#. <sect1info>
1234#.              <copyright>
1235#.                      <year>2001</year>
1236#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1237#.              </copyright>
1238#.              <author>
1239#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1240#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1241#.              </author>
1242#.              <address><email></email></address>
1243#.      </sect1info>
1244#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:13(title)
1245msgid "Poker"
1246msgstr ""
1248#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:28(entry)
1249msgid "Top left pile."
1250msgstr ""
1252#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:34(entry)
1253msgid "Next to Stock. The Waste can only hold one card."
1254msgstr ""
1256#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:40(entry)
1257msgid "Five by five grid. Each slot can only hold one card."
1258msgstr ""
1260#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:49(para)
1261msgid "Score as many points as possible using poker hands. There are twelve hands in the board -- 5 rows, 5 columns, and 2 diagonals. Scoring 75 points or higher is considered a win."
1262msgstr ""
1264#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:56(para)
1265msgid "Click on the Stock to flip over cards one at a time. The card must be placed somewhere on to the Tableau before the next card can be flipped. Once placed, a card cannot be moved."
1266msgstr ""
1268#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:63(para)
1269msgid "Shuffle mode: If selected, you can move the cards after they have been placed. You need at least 120 points to win this way."
1270msgstr ""
1272#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:69(para)
1273msgid "Poker hands are scored using the British point system, which is as follows"
1274msgstr ""
1276#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:77(entry)
1277msgid "Hand"
1278msgstr ""
1280#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:78(entry)
1281msgid "Description"
1282msgstr ""
1284#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:79(entry)
1285msgid "Score"
1286msgstr ""
1288#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:82(entry)
1289msgid "Straight flush"
1290msgstr ""
1292#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:83(entry)
1293msgid "Cards are all in sequence and are the same suit"
1294msgstr ""
1296#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:84(entry)
1297msgid "30"
1298msgstr ""
1300#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:87(entry)
1301msgid "Four of a kind"
1302msgstr ""
1304#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:88(entry)
1305msgid "Contains four cards have the same rank"
1306msgstr ""
1308#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:89(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:119(entry)
1309msgid "16"
1310msgstr ""
1312#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:92(entry)
1313msgid "Straight"
1314msgstr ""
1316#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:93(entry)
1317msgid "Cards are all in sequence"
1318msgstr ""
1320#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:94(entry)
1321msgid "12"
1322msgstr ""
1324#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:97(entry)
1325msgid "Full House"
1326msgstr ""
1328#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:98(entry)
1329msgid "Three of one rank and two of another"
1330msgstr ""
1332#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:99(entry)
1333msgid "10"
1334msgstr ""
1336#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:102(entry)
1337msgid "Three of a kind"
1338msgstr ""
1340#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:103(entry)
1341msgid "Contains three cards have the same rank"
1342msgstr ""
1344#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:104(entry)
1345msgid "6"
1346msgstr ""
1348#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:107(entry)
1349msgid "Flush"
1350msgstr ""
1352#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:108(entry)
1353msgid "All five cards are the same suit"
1354msgstr ""
1356#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:109(entry)
1357msgid "5"
1358msgstr ""
1360#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:112(entry)
1361msgid "Two pair"
1362msgstr ""
1364#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:113(entry)
1365msgid "Contains two sets of two cards of the same rank"
1366msgstr ""
1368#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:114(entry)
1369msgid "3"
1370msgstr ""
1372#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:117(entry)
1373msgid "One pair"
1374msgstr ""
1376#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:118(entry)
1377msgid "Contains two cards of the same rank"
1378msgstr ""
1380#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:125(para)
1381msgid "Maximum possible score: 276"
1382msgstr ""
1384#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/poker.xml:130(para)
1385msgid "Remember you are going to see almost half the deck and plan accordingly. Trying to bluff the computer is not recommended."
1386msgstr ""
1388#. <sect1info>
1389#.              <copyright>
1390#.                      <year>1999</year>
1391#.                      <holder>W. Borgert</holder>
1392#.              </copyright>
1393#.              <author>
1394#.                      <firstname>W.</firstname>
1395#.                      <surname>Borgert</surname>
1396#.              </author>
1397#.              <address><email></email></address>
1398#.      </sect1info>
1399#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:13(title) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:47(entry)
1400msgid "Plait"
1401msgstr ""
1403#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:15(para)
1404msgid "written by W. Borgert"
1405msgstr ""
1407#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:28(entry)
1408msgid "Third row from the right side in the middle. Two redeals are allowed."
1409msgstr ""
1411#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:35(entry)
1412msgid "Fourth row from the right in the middle, directly left of the stock."
1413msgstr ""
1415#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:41(entry)
1416msgid "Right eight piles. One card is already there at start. This is the base card. All fields have to be started with this card."
1417msgstr ""
1419#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:48(entry)
1420msgid "The group of cards in the middle of the table. Starts with 20 cards. Only the one top level card can be moved."
1421msgstr ""
1423#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:54(entry)
1424msgid "Edges"
1425msgstr ""
1427#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:55(entry)
1428msgid "The four fields at the top and bottom, left and right of the plait. These are automatically refilled from the plait."
1429msgstr ""
1431#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:62(entry)
1432msgid "The eight fields left and right of the plait, between the edge fields. Only one card per pile is possible."
1433msgstr ""
1435#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:77(para)
1436msgid "All eight Foundations have to be started with the same card value. At the beginning you can choose, whether to build up or down. You can take cards from the plait in the middle of the tableau, from the eight free fields left and right of the plait, from the four edges around the plait, and from the waste."
1437msgstr ""
1439#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/plait.xml:84(para)
1440msgid "The game is lost, if no available cards can be moved on to the Foundation piles and the Stock is empty."
1441msgstr ""
1443#. <sect1info>
1444#.              <copyright>
1445#.                      <year>1998</year>
1446#.                      <holder>Nick Lamb</holder>
1447#.              </copyright>
1448#.              <author>
1449#.                      <firstname>Nick</firstname>
1450#.                      <surname>Lamb</surname>
1451#.              </author>
1452#.              <address><email></email></address>
1453#.      </sect1info>
1454#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:13(title)
1455msgid "Pileon"
1456msgstr ""
1458#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:15(para)
1459msgid "written by Nick Lamb"
1460msgstr ""
1462#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:28(entry)
1463msgid "Fifteen piles, arranged in rows of four. Deal cards four at a time, face up onto the first thirteen piles. Leave the last two spaces empty. A pile can hold as many as four cards, and as few as none."
1464msgstr ""
1466#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:39(para)
1467msgid "Rearrange the cards so that each pile contains all four cards from a single suit. This should leave two piles empty, but it doesn't matter whether they are the same piles which were empty at the start."
1468msgstr ""
1470#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:46(para)
1471msgid "Cards can be moved on top of any other card or cards of the same value so long as no pile grows to have more than four cards. Groups of cards can be moved if they are of the same value, but it doesn't gain you anything. An empty slot can be filled with any card or group of cards with the same value."
1472msgstr ""
1474#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:53(para)
1475msgid "Once a pile contains all four cards of the same value it is frozen, and the top card is flipped to indicate that you need do nothing further to those cards. They are no longer in play, but it would be useless to move them anyway."
1476msgstr ""
1478#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:64(para)
1479msgid "When a pile of four cards is frozen you score 4 points, one for each card. There is no other way to score points."
1480msgstr ""
1482#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/pileon.xml:73(para)
1483msgid "Keep one of the piles clear as much as possible. Don't allow a pile of three cards to build up on top of a single card, especially if the final card from the set is not a bottom card in another pile."
1484msgstr ""
1486#. <sect1info>
1487#.              <copyright>
1488#.                      <year>2001</year>
1489#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1490#.              </copyright>
1491#.              <author>
1492#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1493#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1494#.              </author>
1495#.              <address><email></email></address>
1496#.      </sect1info>
1497#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:13(title)
1498msgid "Peek"
1499msgstr ""
1501#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:28(entry)
1502msgid "Four spread piles on left. Deal four cards face up in each Reserve pile. No building allowed."
1503msgstr ""
1505#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:35(entry)
1506msgid "Four piles on right. Deal one card on to first Foundation."
1507msgstr ""
1509#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:41(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:41(entry)
1510msgid "Place all remaining cards here. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. Two redeals."
1511msgstr ""
1513#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:62(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:62(para)
1514msgid "Any card of the suit in the first Foundation can be played on to this Foundation pile at any time. Each ensuing Foundation can only be started with a card of the same rank as this first card. Once started, these latter foundations can be built on in suit as long as a card of the same rank already exists in the Foundation directly above it. Play cards from Reserves whenever possible following these rules."
1515msgstr ""
1517#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:70(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:70(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:75(para)
1518msgid "Cards are flipped from the Stock to the Waste individually. Top card in Waste is in play. When Stock is empty, move all cards in Waste back to the Stock, maintaining order. You can go through the deck three times."
1519msgstr ""
1521#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:80(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:80(para)
1522msgid "One point for every card placed on Foundation."
1523msgstr ""
1525#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/peek.xml:88(para)
1526msgid "The Reserves are open for you to see. Choose your suit order wisely."
1527msgstr ""
1529#. <sect1info>
1530#.              <copyright>
1531#.                      <year>1998</year>
1532#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1533#.              </copyright>
1534#.              <author>
1535#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1536#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1537#.              </author>
1538#.              <address><email></email></address>
1539#.      </sect1info>
1540#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:13(title)
1541msgid "Osmosis"
1542msgstr ""
1544#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:28(entry)
1545msgid "Four spread piles on left. Deal three cards face down and one card face up in each Reserve pile. No building allowed."
1546msgstr ""
1548#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/osmosis.xml:88(para)
1549msgid "It's no coincidence that solitaire games are also known as \"patience games.\" Do not automatically put first available card on the second (and third) foundation piles. Sometimes it is worth using a different suit so as to free up more cards in the Reserves."
1550msgstr ""
1552#. <sect1info>
1553#.              <copyright>
1554#.                      <year>1998</year>
1555#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1556#.              </copyright>
1557#.              <author>
1558#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1559#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1560#.              </author>
1561#.              <address><email></email></address>
1562#.      </sect1info>
1563#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:13(title)
1564msgid "Odessa"
1565msgstr ""
1567#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:35(entry)
1568msgid "Seven piles. Deal three rows face down followed by three rows face up. Then deal two more rows face up in the middle five piles."
1569msgstr ""
1571#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:51(para)
1572msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by suit. Groups of cards can be moved regardless of sequence. Groups of cards in sequence can be moved into an appropriate and receptive Foundation pile. An empty pile in the Tableau can be filled with a King or a group of cards with a King on the bottom."
1573msgstr ""
1575#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:67(para)
1576msgid "When game is dealt, any sequence of cards going down in suit is awarded one point per card. Every move within the Tableau will award a point for every card in the newly created sequence. A point is also rewarded for every card placed on to the Foundation."
1577msgstr ""
1579#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:73(para)
1580msgid "Maximum possible score: 412"
1581msgstr ""
1583#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/odessa.xml:78(para)
1584msgid "The more you can hold on to, the more you will have. Try to keep cards out of Foundations as long as possible. The larger the sequences, the more points are made."
1585msgstr ""
1587#. <sect1info>
1588#.              <copyright>
1589#.                      <year>1998</year>
1590#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1591#.              </copyright>
1592#.              <author>
1593#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1594#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1595#.              </author>
1596#.              <address><email></email></address>
1597#.      </sect1info>
1598#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:13(title)
1599msgid "Neighbor"
1600msgstr ""
1602#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:28(entry)
1603msgid "Five by five grid, each capable of holding one card. One card dealt to each space at the beginning of game. Empty spaces automatically filled by moving cards from the right to the left, from the leftmost card of the row below to the rightmost space, and from the Stock to all otherwise empty spaces."
1604msgstr ""
1606#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:38(entry)
1607msgid "Dealt to the Tableau in the manner described above."
1608msgstr ""
1610#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:52(para)
1611msgid "Click on Kings to remove them. All other cards can be removed in pairs that add up to thirteen as long as the two cards are touching horizontally, vertically, or diagonally."
1612msgstr ""
1614#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/neighbor.xml:72(para)
1615msgid "Remove cards higher up on the table first as this creates more movement within the grid."
1616msgstr ""
1618#. <sect1info>
1619#.              <copyright>
1620#.                      <year>2001</year>
1621#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1622#.              </copyright>
1623#.              <author>
1624#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1625#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1626#.              </author>
1627#.              <address><email></email></address>
1628#.      </sect1info>
1629#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:13(title)
1630msgid "Monte Carlo"
1631msgstr ""
1633#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:28(entry)
1634msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. Cards are dealt after concatenating the Tableau onto the empty slots."
1635msgstr ""
1637#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:36(entry)
1638msgid "Five by five grid, each capable of holding one card. One card dealt to each space at the beginning of game. Empty spaces can be filled by moving cards from the right to the left, from the leftmost card of the row below to the rightmost space, and from the Stock to all otherwise empty spaces by clicking on the Stock."
1639msgstr ""
1641#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:55(para)
1642msgid "Cards can be removed in pairs that have the same value as long as the two cards are touching horizontally, vertically, or diagonally."
1643msgstr ""
1645#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:59(para)
1646msgid "At any point that there are empty piles in the Tableau, dealing from the Stock moves all the cards already in the Tableau from the right to left and moving them up a row to the far right if necessary making all the empty slots at the end. The Stock is then dealt on to these empty slots."
1647msgstr ""
1649#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/monte_carlo.xml:79(para)
1650msgid "Keep an eye out as to how the Tableau will shrink when you deal. Sometimes leaving pairs in will allow more pairs to become available after a deal."
1651msgstr ""
1653#. <sect1info>
1654#.              <copyright>
1655#.                      <year>2000</year>
1656#.                      <holder>Telsa Gwynne</holder>
1657#.              </copyright>
1658#.              <author>
1659#.                      <firstname>Telsa</firstname>
1660#.                      <surname>Gwynne</surname>
1661#.              </author>
1662#.              <address><email></email></address>
1663#.      </sect1info>
1664#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:13(title)
1665msgid "Maze"
1666msgstr ""
1668#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:15(para)
1669msgid "written by Matthew Wilcox"
1670msgstr ""
1672#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:24(entry)
1673msgid "48 cards: Standard Deck without the kings"
1674msgstr ""
1676#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:29(entry)
1677msgid "Fifty-four spaces in six rows of nine each. Deal cards into spaces one to eight. Leave space nine blank. Deal cards into spaces ten to seventeen. Leave space eighteen blank. Deal the remaining cards similarly. Then remove all the kings (which play no further part in the game), so that six empty spaces remain in total. Any card can be moved into a space to the left of another card of the same suit and face value one one higher. Any card can be moved into a space to the right of another card of the same suit and face value one lower. An ace may be moved to the right of a queen or in the top left space. A queen may be moved to the left of an ace or in the bottom right space."
1678msgstr ""
1680#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:48(para)
1681msgid "Put each suit of cards into ascending order, with an ace in the top left corner, to create a run of cards: Ace to Queen of one suit, Ace to Queen of another, Ace to Queen of the third, Ace to Queen of the fourth."
1682msgstr ""
1684#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:56(para)
1685msgid "Cards are moved singly. Any card can be moved into a space to the left of another card of face value one higher in the same suit. Any card can be moved into a space to the right of another card of face value one lower in the same suit. An ace may be moved to the right of a queen or in the top left space. A queen may be moved to the left of an ace or in the bottom right space."
1686msgstr ""
1688#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:69(para)
1689msgid "Each card placed next to another card of the same suit in the correct order scores one point."
1690msgstr ""
1692#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/maze.xml:78(para)
1693msgid "Multiple adjacent spaces enable you to generate long sequences of cards. Beware of getting trapped into a situation where you move one card endlessly between two points."
1694msgstr ""
1696#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/legal.xml:2(para)
1697msgid "Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. You can find a copy of the GFDL at this <ulink type=\"help\" url=\"ghelp:fdl\">link</ulink> or in the file COPYING-DOCS distributed with this manual."
1698msgstr ""
1700#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/legal.xml:12(para)
1701msgid "This manual is part of a collection of GNOME manuals distributed under the GFDL. If you want to distribute this manual separately from the collection, you can do so by adding a copy of the license to the manual, as described in section 6 of the license."
1702msgstr ""
1704#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/legal.xml:19(para)
1705msgid "Many of the names used by companies to distinguish their products and services are claimed as trademarks. Where those names appear in any GNOME documentation, and the members of the GNOME Documentation Project are made aware of those trademarks, then the names are in capital letters or initial capital letters."
1706msgstr ""
1708#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/legal.xml:35(para)
1710msgstr ""
1712#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/legal.xml:55(para)
1714msgstr ""
1716#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/legal.xml:28(para)
1718msgstr ""
1720#. <sect1info>
1721#.              <copyright>
1722#.                      <year>1999</year>
1723#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1724#.              </copyright>
1725#.              <author>
1726#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1727#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1728#.              </author>
1729#.              <address><email></email></address>
1730#.      </sect1info>
1731#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:13(title)
1732msgid "Lady Jane"
1733msgstr ""
1735#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:28(entry)
1736msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing. Cards are turned on to the Reserve one on each pile per deal. When there are only two cards left in Stock, they are dealt such that both cards are available for play."
1737msgstr ""
1739#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:37(entry)
1740msgid "Seven piles below Stock and Foundation. Deal card face up in first pile. Place one card face down on all other piles. Place one card face up on next pile followed by one card face down on all covered piles. Repeat until there are seven cards in last pile. Tableau can be built down in alternating colors. Groups of cards can be moved. Empty piles can only be filled by the card whose rank is one lower than the base card or group of cards starting with a card of this rank."
1741msgstr ""
1743#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:49(entry)
1744msgid "Seven piles on the right. Top card of each pile is available for play on to either the Tableau or the Foundation. Empty spaces are not filled except by a deal from Stock."
1745msgstr ""
1747#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:57(entry)
1748msgid "Four piles on top right. Deal one card on to first Foundation pile after dealing on to Tableau and Reserve. This card is now the base card. Built up by suit."
1749msgstr ""
1751#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:73(para)
1752msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by alternating color. Groups of cards can be moved. An empty pile in the Tableau can be filled with a card whose rank is one lower than the base card or with a group of cards starting with a card with this rank."
1753msgstr ""
1755#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:79(para)
1756msgid "Cards are dealt from the Stock to the Reserve. Each deal places one card on each pile of the Reserve."
1757msgstr ""
1759#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:83(para)
1760msgid "The top card of each Reserve pile is always available for play on to either the Tableau or the Foundation. There is no building on the Reserve piles."
1761msgstr ""
1763#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:88(para)
1764msgid "Foundations are built up in suit from the base card. New Foundations are started when a card of the same rank as the first card placed during the dealing period are placed on empty Foundation piles. Aces are placed on Kings, and twos on Aces. Cards in Foundations are still in play. Double clicking on a card will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible."
1765msgstr ""
1767#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/lady_jane.xml:109(para)
1768msgid "The deeper something is, the harder it is to get to. Try and move cards out of the Reserve whenever possible."
1769msgstr ""
1771#. <sect1info>
1772#.              <copyright>
1773#.                      <year>2001</year>
1774#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1775#.              </copyright>
1776#.              <author>
1777#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1778#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1779#.              </author>
1780#.              <address><email></email></address>
1781#.      </sect1info>
1782#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:13(title)
1783msgid "Labyrinth"
1784msgstr ""
1786#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:28(entry)
1787msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau."
1788msgstr ""
1790#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:35(entry)
1791msgid "Four piles top right. Aces are placed in their respective Foundation pile prior to shuffling the deck."
1792msgstr ""
1794#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:42(entry)
1795msgid "One card is dealt face up in each Tableau pile at the start of the game."
1796msgstr ""
1798#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:57(para)
1799msgid "Build any cards from the Tableau in suit and sequence on to the Foundation. Spaces are automatically filled from the Stock."
1800msgstr ""
1802#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:61(para)
1803msgid "Once the eight cards in the Tableau piles cannot be played, click on the Stock to deal a card to each pile. Empty slots in the Tableau are no longer filled automatically."
1804msgstr ""
1806#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:66(para)
1807msgid "Cards at the top and bottom of each Tableau pile is available for play on to the Foundation piles. There is no building on the Tableau. There is no redeal."
1808msgstr ""
1810#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/labyrinth.xml:84(para)
1811msgid "Get plenty of sleep the night before so that you are bright and alert when you play this game. Move any card you possibly can on to the Foundation piles. Have fun!"
1812msgstr ""
1814#. <sect1info>
1815#.     <copyright>
1816#.       <year>2001</year>
1817#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1818#.     </copyright>
1819#.     <author>
1820#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1821#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
1822#.     </author>
1823#.     <address><email></email></address>
1824#.   </sect1info>
1825#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:13(title)
1826msgid "Klondike"
1827msgstr ""
1829#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:50(entry)
1830msgid "Seven piles. Deal card face up in first pile. Place one card face down on all other piles. Place one card face up on next pile followed by one card face down on all covered piles. Repeat until there are seven cards in last pile. Tableau can be built down in alternating colors. Groups of cards can be moved. Empty piles can only be filled by Kings or group of cards starting with a King."
1831msgstr ""
1833#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:70(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:69(para)
1834msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by alternating color. Groups of cards can be moved. An empty pile in the Tableau can be filled with a King or a group of cards with a King on the bottom."
1835msgstr ""
1837#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:87(para)
1838msgid "Double clicking on a foundation card will move all the cards that can be moved to the foundation to the foundation. This is useful for cleaning up at the end of the game."
1839msgstr ""
1841#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:94(para)
1842msgid "Three card deals: If checked, the Stock will deal three each time with an unlimited number of redeals. Otherwise, the Stock will deal singly into the Waste with two redeals."
1843msgstr ""
1845#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/klondike.xml:109(para)
1846msgid "Don't give up the ship! Try brute force methods when the game seems over. Sometimes a combination of using cards already in the Foundation and rearranging sequences will free up some needed cards."
1847msgstr ""
1849#. <sect1info>
1850#.     <copyright>
1851#.       <year>2001</year>
1852#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1853#.     </copyright>
1854#.     <author>
1855#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1856#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
1857#.     </author>
1858#.     <address><email></email></address>
1859#.   </sect1info>
1860#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:13(title)
1861msgid "King Albert"
1862msgstr ""
1864#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:28(entry)
1865msgid "Four piles on the top. Foundations are built up in both suit and sequence from Ace to King."
1866msgstr ""
1868#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:35(entry)
1869msgid "Seven piles on the right. One card is dealt face up on each Reserve pile at the start. There is no building on the Reserves. Empty Reserve piles can not be filled."
1870msgstr ""
1872#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:43(entry)
1873msgid "Nine piles of cards, with nine cards in the first pile, eight in the second, and so on to the one card in the last pile. These cards are dealt face down. The top card in every pile is then flipped up."
1874msgstr ""
1876#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:60(para)
1877msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by alternating color. Empty Tableau slots can be filled by any card or build of cards."
1878msgstr ""
1880#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:64(para)
1881msgid "Cards in the Reserve can be played on to the Tableau or the Foundation. Empty Reserve piles cannot be filled."
1882msgstr ""
1884#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:68(para)
1885msgid "Foundation piles are built up in suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundation are still in play."
1886msgstr ""
1888#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/king_albert.xml:85(para)
1889msgid "Remember that any card can be placed on an empty Tableau slot. Exposing new cards is the top priority in this game."
1890msgstr ""
1892#. <sect1info>
1893#.              <copyright>
1894#.                      <year>1999</year>
1895#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1896#.              </copyright>
1897#.              <author>
1898#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1899#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1900#.              </author>
1901#.              <address><email></email></address>
1902#.      </sect1info>
1903#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:13(title)
1904msgid "Kansas"
1905msgstr ""
1907#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:42(entry)
1908msgid "Four piles on top right. Deal one card on first Foundation pile to start. Other Foundation piles are to be started with the other three cards with the same rank as this base card. All four piles are to be built up, with the ranks continuous."
1909msgstr ""
1911#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:51(entry)
1912msgid "Pile under Stock. Deal twelve cards here to begin. Top card available for play on to Tableau or Foundation piles."
1913msgstr ""
1915#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:58(entry)
1916msgid "Three piles bottom right. Deal one card on each pile to start. Piles can be built down regardless of suit. Spaces are automatically filled from Reserve. Once Reserve is empty, Tableau spaces can be filled from the Waste at your leisure."
1917msgstr ""
1919#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:75(para)
1920msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down regardless of suit. Groups of cards can be moved. An empty slot in the Tableau is filled automatically from the Resere. If the Reserve is empty, an empty slot can be filled by the top card of the Waste at your leisure."
1921msgstr ""
1923#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:81(para)
1924msgid "Cards can be flipped singly from the Stock to the Waste. Top card is available for play. There is no redeal."
1925msgstr ""
1927#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:85(para)
1928msgid "Foundations are built up in suit from the base card (first card dealt to first Foundation). New Foundations are started when a card of the same rank as this base card is placed on an empty Foundation pile. Aces are built on Kings, and twos on Aces. Cards in Foundations are no longer in play. Double clicking on a card will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible."
1929msgstr ""
1931#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/kansas.xml:106(para)
1932msgid "You can't go digging through junkyards. Once a card is buried in the waste, it is hard to get back. Try and move as many cards from the Waste to the Tableau as possible."
1933msgstr ""
1935#. <sect1info>
1936#.              <copyright>
1937#.                      <year>2001</year>
1938#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1939#.              </copyright>
1940#.              <author>
1941#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1942#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1943#.              </author>
1944#.              <address><email></email></address>
1945#.      </sect1info>
1946#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:13(title)
1947msgid "Jumbo"
1948msgstr ""
1950#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:28(entry)
1951msgid "Top left pile. All cards are placed here after dealing on the Tableau. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. One redeal."
1952msgstr ""
1954#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:36(entry)
1955msgid "Directly to the right of the Stock. Cards to be dealt from the Stock during play one at a time. Top card available for play."
1956msgstr ""
1958#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:44(entry)
1959msgid "Eight piles top right. To be built up in suit from Ace to King. Topmost card in each Foundation can be played back on to the Tableau."
1960msgstr ""
1962#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:52(entry)
1963msgid "Nine piles. Deal one card face down to all nine piles, then one card to first eight piles, followed by one card to first seven piles, etc. until there are nine cards in the first pile. Flip the last card dealt on each pile."
1964msgstr ""
1966#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:74(para)
1967msgid "Cards are flipped from the Stock to the Waste individually. Top card in Waste is in play. When Stock is empty, move all cards in Waste back to the Stock, maintaining order. There is one redeal."
1968msgstr ""
1970#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jumbo.xml:79(para)
1971msgid "Foundations are built up from suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundations are still in play. Double clicking on a card will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible."
1972msgstr ""
1974#. <sect1info>
1975#.              <copyright>
1976#.                      <year>2001</year>
1977#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
1978#.              </copyright>
1979#.              <author>
1980#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
1981#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
1982#.              </author>
1983#.              <address><email></email></address>
1984#.      </sect1info>
1985#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:13(title)
1986msgid "Jamestown"
1987msgstr ""
1989#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:28(entry)
1990msgid "Top left pile. All cards are placed here at beginning of play."
1991msgstr ""
1993#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:35(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:35(entry)
1994msgid "Nine piles in a 3x3 formation. Each Tableau pile is dealt one card face up."
1995msgstr ""
1997#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:50(para)
1998msgid "Remove pairs of cards with the same rank. Empty piles are automatically filled from the Stock."
1999msgstr ""
2001#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:59(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:60(para)
2002msgid "Removing each pair of cards scores two points."
2003msgstr ""
2005#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/jamestown.xml:67(para)
2006msgid "Remove pairs of cards as fast as possible. That is the only challenge."
2007msgstr ""
2009#. <sect1info>
2010#.              <copyright>
2011#.                      <year>2001</year>
2012#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2013#.              </copyright>
2014#.              <author>
2015#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2016#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
2017#.              </author>
2018#.              <address><email></email></address>
2019#.      </sect1info>
2020#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:13(title)
2021msgid "Isabel"
2022msgstr ""
2024#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:28(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:35(entry)
2025msgid "Thirteen piles. Deal three cards face down and one card face up on every pile."
2026msgstr ""
2028#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:43(para)
2029msgid "Remove cards in pairs of equal rank. Every time a card is removed, the card underneath is flipped face up and becomes playable. Empty slots are not filled."
2030msgstr ""
2032#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/isabel.xml:61(para)
2033msgid "Each pile starts with four cards. The trick is to remember how many cards each slot has left at any given time so that you can try to remove cards evenly."
2034msgstr ""
2036#. <sect1info>
2037#.              <copyright>
2038#.                      <year>1999</year>
2039#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2040#.              </copyright>
2041#.              <author>
2042#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2043#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
2044#.              </author>
2045#.              <address><email></email></address>
2046#.      </sect1info>
2047#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:13(title)
2048msgid "Hopscotch"
2049msgstr ""
2051#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:28(entry)
2052msgid "Top left pile. All cards except the Ace to four of clubs are placed here at beginning of play. Cards are dealt singly to Waste."
2053msgstr ""
2055#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:35(entry)
2056msgid "Directly to the right of Stock. Can only hold one card at a time. Card must immediately be placed on either a Foundation pile or on to the Reserve pile of your choice."
2057msgstr ""
2059#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:43(entry)
2060msgid "Four piles on top, to the right of Stock. Place an Ace on the first pile, a two on the second pile, a three on the third pile, and a four on the fourth pile. The first Foundation pile is built up by one, the second is built up by two, the third by three, and the fourth by four, all of which wrap around to Ace when it reaches past thirteen. cards in Foundations are no longer in play. Suits do not matter."
2061msgstr ""
2063#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:54(entry)
2064msgid "Four piles placed underneath Foundations. Cards in Reserve can only be played on to Foundation piles. Cards moved from Waste can be placed on any of the Reserve piles."
2065msgstr ""
2067#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:65(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:55(para)
2068msgid "Move all cards on to Foundations."
2069msgstr ""
2071#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:70(para)
2072msgid "Build on to Foundations by ones, twos, threes, and fours for piles one, two, three, and four respectively. Cards are dealt singly in to the Waste from the Stock. However, as the Waste pile can only hold one card, this card must immediately be played on to a Foundation pile or on to any of the four Reserve piles. Cards in the Reserve piles cannot be rearranged."
2073msgstr ""
2075#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/hopscotch.xml:91(para)
2076msgid "Hone your skills for this game. Luck will not get you very far here. Try not to cover cards you might need sooner. Consider saving a column just for kings (as they are the last card to be played on each Foundation)."
2077msgstr ""
2079#. <sect1info>
2080#.     <copyright>
2081#.       <year>2001</year>
2082#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2083#.     </copyright>
2084#.     <author>
2085#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2086#.       <surname>Yuen</surname></author>
2087#.     <address><email></email></address>
2088#.   </sect1info>
2089#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:12(title)
2090msgid "Helsinki"
2091msgstr ""
2093#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:27(entry)
2094msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. Cards are automatically placed on to the Tableau whenever a space opens up."
2095msgstr ""
2097#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:35(entry)
2098msgid "Ten piles. Deal a card face up in every pile."
2099msgstr ""
2101#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:49(para)
2102msgid "Remove cards in pairs that add up to thirteen with Aces being one, Jacks being eleven, and Queens being twelve. Kings are removed singly."
2103msgstr ""
2105#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:54(para)
2106msgid "Empty Tableau piles are automatically filled from the Stock."
2107msgstr ""
2109#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/helsinki.xml:70(para)
2110msgid "Go as fast as you can."
2111msgstr ""
2113#. <sect1info>
2114#.              <copyright>
2115#.                      <year>2001</year>
2116#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2117#.              </copyright>
2118#.              <author>
2119#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2120#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
2121#.              </author>
2122#.              <address><email></email></address>
2123#.      </sect1info>
2124#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:13(title)
2125msgid "Gypsy"
2126msgstr ""
2128#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:28(entry)
2129msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. Cards are dealt in batches of eight, one on every Tableau."
2130msgstr ""
2132#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:36(entry)
2133msgid "Eight piles top right. To be built in suit from Ace to King. Topmost card in each Foundation can be played back on to the Tableau."
2134msgstr ""
2136#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:44(entry)
2137msgid "Eight piles. Deal two rows face down and one row face up to start. Tableau can be built down in alternating colors. Builds of cards can be moved. Empty piles can be filled with any card or build."
2138msgstr ""
2140#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:61(para)
2141msgid "Cards in Tableau are built down by alternating color. Builds of cards can be moved. An empty pile in the Tableau can be filled with any card or build of cards."
2142msgstr ""
2144#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:66(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:69(para)
2145msgid "Each deal flips one card from the Stock to each pile of the Tableau. There are no redeals."
2146msgstr ""
2148#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:70(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:57(para)
2149msgid "Foundations are built up in suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundations are still in play. Double clicking on a card in the Tableau will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible."
2150msgstr ""
2152#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:81(para)
2153msgid "Each card in the Foundation scores 5 points. When a Foundation pile is complete (from Ace to King), 60 more points are scored. Each card pair on the Tableau in alternating order scores 2 points."
2154msgstr ""
2156#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:86(para)
2157msgid "Maximum possible score: 1000"
2158msgstr ""
2160#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gypsy.xml:91(para)
2161msgid "Try and expose new cards in the Tableau whenever possible. Remember you can always bring cards from the Foundation back into play."
2162msgstr ""
2164#. <sect1info>
2165#.     <copyright>
2166#.       <year>2001</year>
2167#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2168#.     </copyright>
2169#.     <author>
2170#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2171#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
2172#.     </author>
2173#.     <address>
2174#.       <email></email>
2175#.     </address>
2176#.   </sect1info>
2177#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:15(title)
2178msgid "Golf"
2179msgstr ""
2181#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:43(entry)
2182msgid "Seven piles. Deal five cards face up on every pile."
2183msgstr ""
2185#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:57(para)
2186msgid "The Waste can be built up or down from the available cards on the Tableau. Only Deuces can be placed on Aces and nothing can be played on to a King."
2187msgstr ""
2189#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:62(para)
2190msgid "Cards are dealt singly from Stock to Waste. There are no redeals."
2191msgstr ""
2193#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:70(para)
2194msgid "Every card moved from Tableau to Waste scores one point."
2195msgstr ""
2197#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:73(para)
2198msgid "Maximum possible score: 35"
2199msgstr ""
2201#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/golf.xml:78(para)
2202msgid "Remember that nothing can be played on to a King. Try to generate sequences where many cards can be removed without a new card from Stock."
2203msgstr ""
2205#. <sect1info>
2206#.              <copyright>
2207#.                      <year>2001</year>
2208#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2209#.              </copyright>
2210#.              <author>
2211#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2212#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
2213#.              </author>
2214#.              <address><email></email></address>
2215#.      </sect1info>
2216#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:13(title)
2217msgid "Glenwood"
2218msgstr ""
2220#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:28(entry)
2221msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau and Reserves. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. One redeal."
2222msgstr ""
2224#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:43(entry)
2225msgid "Four piles top right. First Foundation pile is started by player selecting a card from the Reserves. Built up by suit, wrapping from King to Ace when necessary."
2226msgstr ""
2228#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:51(entry)
2229msgid "Four piles of three cards each on the left hand side dealt face up. The top card in each Reserve is available for play. No cards can be put in empty Reserve piles."
2230msgstr ""
2232#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:59(entry)
2233msgid "Four piles below Foundations. Deal one card face up on to each pile. Tableau can be built down in alternating color. Top card can be played on to Foundation. Whole piles can be played on to another Tableau."
2234msgstr ""
2236#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:76(para)
2237msgid "The first item of play is to select an available card for the first Foundation. Once selected, all other Foundations must also start with this value."
2238msgstr ""
2240#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:81(para)
2241msgid "Foundations are built up by suit, wrapping from King to Ace where necessary. Once a card is placed on a Foundation pile, it is out of play."
2242msgstr ""
2244#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:86(para)
2245msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by alternating color. Whole piles of cards can be moved on to another Tableau pile. Empty slots in the Tableau can be filled by any available card in the Reserves or, if all the Reserves are empty, from the Waste."
2246msgstr ""
2248#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:92(para)
2249msgid "Cards are flipped singly from Stock to Waste. There is one redeal."
2250msgstr ""
2252#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/glenwood.xml:108(para)
2253msgid "Be careful when selecting your first Foundation pile. Try to get the cards out of the Reserves as early as possible. Sometimes keeping cards in play is more important than moving them to the Foundation."
2254msgstr ""
2256#. <sect1info>
2257#.              <copyright>
2258#.                      <year>2001</year>
2259#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2260#.              </copyright>
2261#.              <author>
2262#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2263#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
2264#.              </author>
2265#.              <address><email></email></address>
2266#.      </sect1info>
2267#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:13(title)
2268msgid "Gay Gordons"
2269msgstr ""
2271#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:28(entry)
2272msgid "Top left pile. Deal two cards face up here. The top card is in play. Cannot be refilled or built on."
2273msgstr ""
2275#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:35(entry)
2276msgid "Ten piles. Deal five cards face up in each pile. The top card in each pile is in play. Empty piles cannot be filled."
2277msgstr ""
2279#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:50(para)
2280msgid "Remove cards in pairs that add up to eleven. Kings are paired off with Queens. Jacks are paired off with other Jacks."
2281msgstr ""
2283#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/gay_gordons.xml:67(para)
2284msgid "Try to uncover cards that are buried under their pair-mate."
2285msgstr ""
2287#. <sect1info>
2288#.              <copyright>
2289#.                      <year>1999</year>
2290#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2291#.              </copyright>
2292#.              <author>
2293#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2294#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
2295#.              </author>
2296#.              <address><email></email></address>
2297#.      </sect1info>
2298#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:13(title)
2299msgid "Freecell"
2300msgstr ""
2302#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:15(para)
2303msgid "written by Changwoo Ryu"
2304msgstr ""
2306#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:28(entry)
2307msgid "Four left piles on top row. Each Reserve pile can only hold one card."
2308msgstr ""
2310#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:34(entry)
2311msgid "Four piles top right. To be built up in suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundations are no longer in play."
2312msgstr ""
2314#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:41(entry)
2315msgid "Eight piles. Deal all cards face up on to these eight piles, ending up with seven cards in each of the first four piles and six cards in the last four piles. Tableau can be built down in alternating colors. Cards can only be moved singly, but as a shortcut, if there are enough Reserve piles free to allow it, cards in sequence can be moved together."
2316msgstr ""
2318#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:60(para)
2319msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by alternating color. Groups of cards can be moved if there are enough Reserve piles free to allow the move if the cards were moved singly. An empty pile in the Tableau can be filled with any card or group of cards."
2320msgstr ""
2322#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:66(para)
2323msgid "Foundations are built up in suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundations are not in play. Double clicking on a card will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible."
2324msgstr ""
2326#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:71(para)
2327msgid "Cards in Reserve piles can be played back on to Tableau or on to the Foundation."
2328msgstr ""
2330#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/freecell.xml:88(para)
2331msgid "Space is a valuable commodity. Keep as many of the Reserve piles free as possible."
2332msgstr ""
2334#. <sect1info>
2335#.     <copyright>
2336#.       <year>1999</year>
2337#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2338#.     </copyright>
2339#.     <author>
2340#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2341#.       <surname>Yuen</surname></author>
2342#.     <address><email></email></address>
2343#.   </sect1info>
2344#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:12(title)
2345msgid "Fourteen"
2346msgstr ""
2348#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:27(entry)
2349msgid "Deal all cards face up evenly on to twelve piles. The first four piles will each have five cards while the other piles will all have four cards. The exposed card in each pile is in play. Empty piles cannot be filled."
2350msgstr ""
2352#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:44(para)
2353msgid "Cards can be removed in pairs that add up to fourteen. Aces are worth one and Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 11, 12, and 13 respectively."
2354msgstr ""
2356#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fourteen.xml:62(para)
2357msgid "Watch your step! Try to move cards that are resting on matching pairs as otherwise you might get stuck."
2358msgstr ""
2360#. <sect1info>
2361#.     <copyright>
2362#.       <year>1998</year>
2363#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2364#.     </copyright>
2365#.     <author>
2366#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2367#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
2368#.     </author>
2369#.     <address><email></email></address>
2370#.   </sect1info>
2371#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:13(title)
2372msgid "Fortunes"
2373msgstr ""
2375#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:35(entry)
2376msgid "Four piles on right. Groups of cards can be moved on to empty piles."
2377msgstr ""
2379#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:45(para)
2380msgid "To remove all cards except the four Aces."
2381msgstr ""
2383#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:50(para)
2384msgid "Aces are high cards. When two cards of the same suit are available, the one with the lower rank can be removed. When an empty slot appears, it can be filled with an group of cards."
2385msgstr ""
2387#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortunes.xml:68(para)
2388msgid "There is no reason to have an empty slot when dealing another batch of cards. However, when you have an empty slot, try to keep it empty as long as possible, as this is a great way to get rid of buried cards."
2389msgstr ""
2391#. <sect1info>
2392#.     <copyright>
2393#.       <year>2001</year>
2394#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2395#.     </copyright>
2396#.     <author>
2397#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2398#.       <surname>Yuen</surname></author>
2399#.     <address><email></email></address>
2400#.   </sect1info>
2401#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:12(title)
2402msgid "Fortress"
2403msgstr ""
2405#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:27(entry)
2406msgid "Four piles in the middle. To be built up in suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundation piles are no longer in play."
2407msgstr ""
2409#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:36(entry)
2410msgid "Five piles one each side of the Foundation. Deal five cards face up on to each of these piles and one more on the top two piles. The top card in any Tableau pile is available for play."
2411msgstr ""
2413#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:51(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:53(para)
2414msgid "Cards in Tableau piles can be built up or down in suit. Only the top card in every pile is available for play. Empty slots can be filled with any available card."
2415msgstr ""
2417#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:56(para)
2418msgid "The Foundations are built up from Ace to King in suit. Cards in Foundation piles are no longer in play."
2419msgstr ""
2421#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/fortress.xml:73(para)
2422msgid "Safeguard any empty Tableau slots you may create. They are the key to a successful game."
2423msgstr ""
2425#. <sect1info>
2426#.     <copyright>
2427#.       <year>2001</year>
2428#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2429#.     </copyright>
2430#.     <author>
2431#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2432#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
2433#.     </author>
2434#.     <address><email></email></address>
2435#.   </sect1info>
2436#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:13(title)
2437msgid "First Law"
2438msgstr ""
2440#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:28(entry)
2441msgid "Top left pile. All cards are placed here in beginning. When emptied, cards are brought back from Tableau and put back in the Stock."
2442msgstr ""
2444#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:36(entry)
2445msgid "Four piles on the right. Each deal from Stock will deal one card to each Tableau pile."
2446msgstr ""
2448#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:51(para)
2449msgid "Clicking on the Stock will deal one card to each of the Tableau piles. If any of the cards showing in the Tableau are of the same rank, move the others on to the leftmost of the like cards. Empty piles can only be filled by an ensuing deal from Stock."
2450msgstr ""
2452#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:57(para)
2453msgid "If at any point, all four cards showing are the same rank, they are removed."
2454msgstr ""
2456#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:61(para)
2457msgid "When Stock is empty, the Tableau piles are gathered, right pile on left, and placed back into stock. The first card dealt will always be the first card dealt until it is removed. There are unlimited redeals."
2458msgstr ""
2460#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:72(para)
2461msgid "Each set of four cards removed scores one point."
2462msgstr ""
2464#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:75(para)
2465msgid "Maximum possible score: 13"
2466msgstr ""
2468#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/first_law.xml:80(para)
2469msgid "Don't forget to use the brakes! This game might never end unless you decide carefully whether or not to make a move."
2470msgstr ""
2472#. <sect1info>
2473#.              <copyright>
2474#.                      <year>2001</year>
2475#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2476#.              </copyright>
2477#.              <author>
2478#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2479#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
2480#.              </author>
2481#.              <address><email></email></address>
2482#.      </sect1info>
2483#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:13(title)
2484msgid "Escalator"
2485msgstr ""
2487#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:28(entry)
2488msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing on to the Tableau. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. No redeals"
2489msgstr ""
2491#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:36(entry)
2492msgid "To be taken from Stock."
2493msgstr ""
2495#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:42(entry)
2496msgid "Deal face up seven overlapping rows starting with one card on the first row, increasing by one per row and staggering the piles as to achieve a pyramid."
2497msgstr ""
2499#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:58(para)
2500msgid "All exposed cards in the pyramid are available for play. Build on to the Waste from these available cards whenever possible by playing a card with a rank immediately above or immediately below the rack of the top card in the Waste. Aces are both above Kings and below Deuces."
2501msgstr ""
2503#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:65(para)
2504msgid "Cards are flipped singly from the Stock to the Waste. There is no redeal."
2505msgstr ""
2507#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:73(para)
2508msgid "Each card removed from the Tableau scores one point."
2509msgstr ""
2511#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:76(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:75(para)
2512msgid "Maximum possible score: 28"
2513msgstr ""
2515#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/escalator.xml:81(para)
2516msgid "Try to plan ahead so that you can make runs in the future."
2517msgstr ""
2519#. <sect1info>
2520#.              <copyright>
2521#.                      <year>1999</year>
2522#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2523#.              </copyright>
2524#.              <author>
2525#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2526#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
2527#.              </author>
2528#.              <address><email></email></address>
2529#.      </sect1info>
2530#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:13(title)
2531msgid "Elevator"
2532msgstr ""
2534#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:58(para)
2535msgid "All exposed cards in the pyramid are available for play. Build on to the Waste from these available cards whenever possible by playing a card with a rank immediately above or immediately below the rank of the top card in the Waste. Aces are both above Kings and below Deuces."
2536msgstr ""
2538#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:64(para)
2539msgid "Cards can be flipped singly from the Stock to the Waste. There is no redeal."
2540msgstr ""
2542#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/elevator.xml:72(para)
2543msgid "Each card removed from the pyramid scores one point."
2544msgstr ""
2546#. <sect1info>
2547#.              <copyright>
2548#.                      <year>2001</year>
2549#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2550#.              </copyright>
2551#.              <author>
2552#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2553#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
2554#.              </author>
2555#.              <address><email></email></address>
2556#.      </sect1info>
2557#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:13(title)
2558msgid "Eight Off"
2559msgstr ""
2561#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:28(entry)
2562msgid "Four piles on the left. Built from Ace to King in suit."
2563msgstr ""
2565#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:34(entry)
2566msgid "Eight piles at top. Each reserve can only hold one card. The first four Reserve piles are each dealt one card at the beginning of the game."
2567msgstr ""
2569#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eight_off.xml:42(entry)
2570msgid "Eight piles underneath the Reserves. The cards are dealt face up on to the Tableau, with six cards in each of the slots."
2571msgstr ""
2573#. <sect1info>
2574#.     <copyright>
2575#.       <year>2001</year>
2576#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2577#.     </copyright>
2578#.     <author>
2579#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2580#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
2581#.     </author>
2582#.     <address><email></email></address>
2583#.   </sect1info>
2584#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:13(title)
2585msgid "Easthaven"
2586msgstr ""
2588#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:28(entry)
2589msgid "Top left pile. Deck is placed here after dealing on to the Tableau."
2590msgstr ""
2592#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:35(entry)
2593msgid "Four piles top right. To be built up in suit from Ace to King."
2594msgstr ""
2596#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:42(entry)
2597msgid "Seven piles on the bottom. Deal two cards face down and one card face up for every pile."
2598msgstr ""
2600#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:57(para)
2601msgid "The Tableau is built down by alternate color. Builds of cards in sequence and alternating color can be moved as a unit. Empty Tableau piles can be filled by Kings or builds starting with a King."
2602msgstr ""
2604#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:62(para)
2605msgid "Any empty Tableau slots must be filled if possible before dealing more cards. Clicking on the Stock deals one card face up on to each Tableau pile. The last deal places one card face up on the first three piles. There are no redeals."
2606msgstr ""
2608#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:68(para)
2609msgid "The Foundation is built up in suit from Ace to King. Cards in the Foundation are no longer in play."
2610msgstr ""
2612#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:77(para)
2613msgid "Each card placed on to a Foundation scores one point."
2614msgstr ""
2616#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/easthaven.xml:85(para)
2617msgid "Move cards up to the Foundation when you can because the next deal may block it. However since cards in the Foundation are no longer in play, you may get stuck later needing that card. Hopefully this conundrum will be the most difficult one facing you today."
2618msgstr ""
2620#. <sect1info>
2621#.     <copyright>
2622#.       <year>2001</year>
2623#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2624#.     </copyright>
2625#.     <author>
2626#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2627#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
2628#.     </author>
2629#.     <address><email></email></address>
2630#.   </sect1info>
2631#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:13(title)
2632msgid "Eagle Wing"
2633msgstr ""
2635#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:34(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:36(entry) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:35(entry)
2636msgid "Directly to the right of Stock. To be taken from Stock. Top card available for play."
2637msgstr ""
2639#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:41(entry)
2640msgid "Middle (and lowest) slot. Deal thirteen cards face down here. Flip card to fill any spaces in the Tableau. When only one card is left in the Reserve, it will flip up and can be played on Foundation or a Tableau pile."
2641msgstr ""
2643#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:50(entry)
2644msgid "Eight slots (four to the left and four to the right of Reserve.) Deal one card face up per slot. Tableau can be built down by suit. Cards can be moved singly to other slots on the Tableau, or in a group on to the Foundation. Each Tableau slot can hold a maximum of three cards."
2645msgstr ""
2647#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:68(para)
2648msgid "Cards in the tableau are built down by suit. Cards can only be moved singly to another Tableau pile. However, to ease monotony, groups of cards can be moved to Foundation. An empty slot in the Tableau is filled automatically from the Reserve. If the Reserve is empty, an empty slot can be filled by a card from the Waste or from another Tableau pile."
2649msgstr ""
2651#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:76(para)
2652msgid "The Reserve exists mainly to deal cards into empty slots of the Tableau. However, when there is only one card left in the Reserve, it will become visible and is in play."
2653msgstr ""
2655#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:81(para)
2656msgid "Cards are flipped from the Stock to the Waste singly. When the Stock is empty, move all cards in Waste back to the Stock, maintaining order. You can go through the deck three times."
2657msgstr ""
2659#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:86(para)
2660msgid "Foundations are built up in suit from the base card (first card dealt to first Foundation). New Foundations are started when a card of the same rank as the first card placed during the dealing period are placed on empty Foundation piles. Aces are placed on Kings, and twos on Aces. Cards in Foundations are not in play."
2661msgstr ""
2663#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/eagle-wing.xml:106(para)
2664msgid "A little planning goes a long way. Check before piling cards in a Tableau. Remember the three card in a slot rule."
2665msgstr ""
2667#. <sect1info>
2668#.     <copyright>
2669#.       <year>1998</year>
2670#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2671#.     </copyright>
2672#.     <author>
2673#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2674#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
2675#.     </author>
2676#.     <address>
2677#.       <email></email>
2678#.     </address>
2679#.   </sect1info>
2680#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:15(title)
2681msgid "Doublets"
2682msgstr ""
2684#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:28(entry)
2685msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. Two redeals."
2686msgstr ""
2688#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:43(entry)
2689msgid "Seven piles, forming an arch shape (upside down U) to the right. Deal one card face up on each pile. During this deal, if a King is dealt, remove the King and place it on the bottom of the deck. Deal another card into this pile. Each Reserve pile can only hold one card. When a Reserve pile is empty, it is automatically filled by the Waste, or, if the Waste is empty, from the Stock. Once original deal is over, when a King is placed in a pile of the Reserve, this pile is frozen as Kings cannot be moved."
2690msgstr ""
2692#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:57(entry)
2693msgid "One pile, the center pile on the bottom row of the Reserve slots. To be built on from original card by doubling, regardless of suit or color."
2694msgstr ""
2696#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:68(para)
2697msgid "Move all cards to the Foundation pile."
2698msgstr ""
2700#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:73(para)
2701msgid "Cards can be put in the Foundation pile if they are twice the value of the card currently on top of the Foundation. Jacks and Queens are eleven and twelve, respectively. If the doubled number exceeds thirteen, subtract thirteen to find next needed card. The series goes:"
2702msgstr ""
2704#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:80(para)
2705msgid "A, 2, 4, 8, 3, 6, Q, J, 9, 5, 10, 7, repeat..."
2706msgstr ""
2708#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:83(para)
2709msgid "Cards are flipped from the Stock to the Waste by one. When the Stock is empty, move all cards in Waste back to the Stock, maintaining order. You can go through the deck three times."
2710msgstr ""
2712#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:93(para)
2713msgid "Each card in the Foundation pile scores one point."
2714msgstr ""
2716#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/doublets.xml:101(para)
2717msgid "Without a King, you can't have regicide. Avoid them."
2718msgstr ""
2720#. <sect1info>
2721#.              <copyright>
2722#.                      <year>2001</year>
2723#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2724#.              </copyright>
2725#.              <author>
2726#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2727#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
2728#.              </author>
2729#.              <address><email></email></address>
2730#.      </sect1info>
2731#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:13(title)
2732msgid "Diamond Mine"
2733msgstr ""
2735#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:28(entry)
2736msgid "One pile at top. Build in sequence for diamonds starting from any diamond of your choice."
2737msgstr ""
2739#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:45(para)
2740msgid "Remove all diamonds to the foundation and have all the other cards in suit and sequence with Aces being low in the Tableau."
2741msgstr ""
2743#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:51(para)
2744msgid "Cards (other than diamonds) can be built down in sequence regardless of suit. Builds of cards can be moved as a unit. Empty slots can be filled by any card (except for diamonds) or build of cards."
2745msgstr ""
2747#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:56(para)
2748msgid "Diamonds cannot be moved except to be place on to the Foundation. The diamond Foundation must be built up in sequence but can start from any number you want."
2749msgstr ""
2751#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:66(para)
2752msgid "Each diamond placed on to the Foundation scores the face value of the card, with Ace as one point, Jacks as eleven points, Queens as twelve points, and Kings as thirteen points."
2753msgstr ""
2755#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:71(para)
2756msgid "Each Ace through King in sequence and in suit on the Tableau pile scores three points."
2757msgstr ""
2759#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/diamond_mine.xml:80(para)
2760msgid "Mining for diamonds is hard work. Keep in mind that not all diamonds are worth the same. Don't forget to clean up after yourself and put the other suits in order."
2761msgstr ""
2763#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:2(title)
2764msgid "Glossary"
2765msgstr ""
2767#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:4(para)
2768msgid "Author's note: These definitions are meant as a guideline only. See individual game rules as any game has the right to redefine or modify the rules to make it fun."
2769msgstr ""
2771#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:11(term)
2772msgid "BASE CARD"
2773msgstr ""
2775#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:12(para)
2776msgid "The first card dealt into a foundation pile. Other foundations usually have to start with a card of this rank. See: FOUNDATION"
2777msgstr ""
2779#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:17(term)
2781msgstr ""
2783#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:18(para)
2784msgid "Building by placing a card on to another card of the opposite color is permitted. Example: Placing a Diamond on a Spade is good, but placing a Diamond on a Heart is not."
2785msgstr ""
2787#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:24(term)
2789msgstr ""
2791#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:25(para)
2792msgid "Building by placing a card on to another card of any suit but the suit of the original card is permitted. Example: Placing a Diamond on a Heart is good, but placing a Heart on a Heart is not."
2793msgstr ""
2795#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:31(term)
2796msgid "BUILD BY COLOR"
2797msgstr ""
2799#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:32(para)
2800msgid "Building by placing a card on to another card of the same color is permitted. Example: Placing a Diamond on a Heart is good, but Placing a Diamond on a Club is not."
2801msgstr ""
2803#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:38(term)
2805msgstr ""
2807#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:39(para)
2808msgid "It's all good."
2809msgstr ""
2811#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:43(term)
2812msgid "BUILD BY SUIT"
2813msgstr ""
2815#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:44(para)
2816msgid "Building by placing a card on to another card of the same suit is permitted. Example: Placing a Spade on a Spade is good, but placing a Spade on a Club is not."
2817msgstr ""
2819#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:50(term)
2820msgid "BUILD DOWN"
2821msgstr ""
2823#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:51(para)
2824msgid "Building by placing a card of a lower rank on to a card of a higher rank is permitted. Usually implies a difference of only one ranking between the two cards. Example: Placing a 10 on a Jack is good, but placing a 10 on a 9 is not."
2825msgstr ""
2827#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:58(term)
2828msgid "BUILD DOWN BY *"
2829msgstr ""
2831#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:59(para)
2832msgid "Building by placing a card of a lower rank on to a card of a higher rank by * is permitted. Example: If * is 2, placing a 10 on a Queen is good, but placing a 10 on a Jack is not."
2833msgstr ""
2835#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:65(term)
2836msgid "BUILD UP"
2837msgstr ""
2839#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:66(para)
2840msgid "Building by placing a card of a higher rank on to a card of a lower rank is permitted. Usually implies a difference of only one ranking between the two cards. Example: Placing a Queen on a Jack is good, but placing a Queen on a King is not."
2841msgstr ""
2843#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:73(term)
2844msgid "BUILD UP BY *"
2845msgstr ""
2847#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:74(para)
2848msgid "Building by placing a card of a higher rank on to a card of a lower rank by * is permitted. Example: If * is 2, placing a 10 on an 8 is good, but placing a 10 on a 9 is not."
2849msgstr ""
2851#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:80(term)
2852msgid "BUILD UP OR DOWN"
2853msgstr ""
2855#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:81(para)
2856msgid "Building by placing a card on to a card of one higher or one lower rank is permitted. Example: Placing a Jack on a Queen or a 10 is good, but placing a 10 on a Queen is not."
2857msgstr ""
2859#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:87(term)
2860msgid "BUILDING"
2861msgstr ""
2863#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:88(para)
2864msgid "The ability to place a card (or group of cards) on another card. In regards to rank, you can BUILD UP, BUILD DOWN, or BUILD UP/DOWN BY *. In regards to suit/color, you can BUILD BY SUIT, BUILD BY COLOR, BUILD BY ALTERNATE COLOR, BUILD BY ANY SUIT BUT OWN, or BUILD REGARDLESS OF SUIT. Note that all games that build will follow two of these rules, one from each list."
2865msgstr ""
2867#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:97(term)
2868msgid "DECK"
2869msgstr ""
2871#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:98(para)
2872msgid "The set of cards used. Most games use a STANDARD DECK, but games that use a DOUBLE DECK, a JOKER DECK, or a STRIPPED DECK are not uncommon."
2873msgstr ""
2875#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:103(term)
2876msgid "DOUBLE DECK"
2877msgstr ""
2879#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:104(para)
2880msgid "A deck of cards consisting of two STANDARD DECKS making a total of 104 cards."
2881msgstr ""
2883#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:108(term)
2884msgid "FOUNDATION"
2885msgstr ""
2887#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:109(para)
2888msgid "If a game has a foundation, the game is usually won by placing all the cards in the foundation pile(s)."
2889msgstr ""
2891#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:114(term)
2892msgid "JOKER DECK"
2893msgstr ""
2895#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:115(para)
2896msgid "A deck of cards consisting of a STANDARD DECK and two jokers making a total of 54 cards."
2897msgstr ""
2899#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:120(term)
2900msgid "PILE"
2901msgstr ""
2903#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:121(para)
2904msgid "A designated area where cards can exist."
2905msgstr ""
2907#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:125(term)
2908msgid "RANK"
2909msgstr ""
2911#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:126(para)
2912msgid "The value of the card. Numbered cards usually have the rank of the associated number. Aces can either be high or low. If high, aces are ranked 1. If low, aces are ranked as 14. J, Q, and K are usually ranked 11, 12, and 13 respectively. However, some games may rank these cards as 10. In such a case, a high ace might be ranked as 11."
2913msgstr ""
2915#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:134(term)
2916msgid "RESERVE"
2917msgstr ""
2919#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:135(para)
2920msgid "Cards in the reserve are usually available to play anywhere. Usually cannot be built on."
2921msgstr ""
2923#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:140(term)
2924msgid "SLOT"
2925msgstr ""
2927#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:141(para)
2928msgid "See PILE."
2929msgstr ""
2931#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:145(term)
2932msgid "STANDARD DECK"
2933msgstr ""
2935#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:146(para)
2936msgid "A 52 card poker deck. There are four suits of thirteen cards each. Each suit contains an Ace, 2 through 10, Jack, Queen, and King. These suits are usually Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds. These suits can be grouped into two colors, usually black and red. The Clubs and the Spaces are black while the Hearts and the Diamonds are red. AisleRiot allows the possibility of using different decks. In this case, the new colors and/or suits are substituted into this paradigm."
2937msgstr ""
2939#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:156(term)
2940msgid "STOCK"
2941msgstr ""
2943#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:157(para)
2944msgid "The remainder of the deck after all the original cards have been dealt and are usually kept faced down."
2945msgstr ""
2947#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:162(term)
2948msgid "SUIT"
2949msgstr ""
2951#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:163(para)
2952msgid "Four different kinds in a STANDARD DECK. Usually Clubs, Spades, Hearts, and Diamonds."
2953msgstr ""
2955#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:168(term)
2956msgid "TABLEAU"
2957msgstr ""
2959#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:169(para)
2960msgid "The playing field, where the main action occurs. Usually allows building."
2961msgstr ""
2963#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:173(term)
2964msgid "WASTE"
2965msgstr ""
2967#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/definitions.xml:174(para)
2968msgid "A stack of cards face up, usually next to the STOCK. Top card usually in play."
2969msgstr ""
2971#. <sect1info>
2972#.        <copyright>
2973#.         <year>2001</year>
2974#.         <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
2975#.        </copyright>
2976#.        <author>
2977#.         <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
2978#.         <surname>Yuen</surname>
2979#.        </author>
2980#.        <address><email></email></address>
2981#.      </sect1info>
2982#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:13(title)
2983msgid "Cover"
2984msgstr ""
2986#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:35(entry)
2987msgid "Four piles. One card is dealt in each slot at the beginning of the game. Empty slots are immediately filled from the Stock."
2988msgstr ""
2990#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:46(para)
2991msgid "Empty the Stock."
2992msgstr ""
2994#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:51(para)
2995msgid "Any two cards in the Tableau can be removed if they belong to the same suit. Spaces are immediately filled by cards in the Stock. The game is over when each suit is represented by one card in the Tableau."
2996msgstr ""
2998#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:62(para)
2999msgid "Each pair removed from the game scores two points."
3000msgstr ""
3002#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/cover.xml:70(para)
3003msgid "A quick short game with not much thought involved, cover is best played with minimal thought and quick reflexes."
3004msgstr ""
3006#. When image changes, this message will be marked fuzzy or untranslated for you.
3007#. It doesn't matter what you translate it to: it's not used at all.
3008#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:61(None)
3009msgid "@@image: 'figures/clock-rules.png'; md5=f84ad70ff4c8de139e7f9965b126f2bb"
3010msgstr ""
3012#. <sect1info>
3013#.              <copyright>
3014#.                      <year>1998</year>
3015#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
3016#.              </copyright>
3017#.              <author>
3018#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
3019#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
3020#.              </author>
3021#.              <address><email></email></address>
3022#.      </sect1info>
3023#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:13(title)
3024msgid "Clock"
3025msgstr ""
3027#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:28(entry)
3028msgid "Deal cards in a clock shape, for a total of twelve piles with four cards each."
3029msgstr ""
3031#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:35(entry)
3032msgid "Place last four cards in the Stock pile (middle of the Tableau) Flip over top card."
3033msgstr ""
3035#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:45(para)
3036msgid "To have all four cards in each pile be the rank corresponding to the number on a clock face."
3037msgstr ""
3039#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:51(para)
3040msgid "Move the top card in the middle to the appropriate pile. The Tableau is in the shape of a clock, and so the numbered cards go where they would on an analog clock. Aces go where the ones go, and the Jacks and Queens go where the elevens and twelves go respectively. For all the people who have never had an analog watch/clock, this is the pattern:"
3041msgstr ""
3043#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:64(phrase)
3044msgid "Clock Layout."
3045msgstr ""
3047#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:68(para)
3048msgid "Kings are kept in the middle pile. When a card is moved to a new pile (or made to stay in the same pile, as the case is with the King), the bottom card in the new pile is taken and placed on top of the middle pile face up. This new card is ready for play. To move a card to the appropriate pile, either drag the card over or double click on the appropriate receptor pile."
3049msgstr ""
3051#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:76(para)
3052msgid "Game is over when there are four kings in the middle. At this point, you've won if goal is achieved. Note that if a card in a pile is in the right place it is okay even if it is faced down."
3053msgstr ""
3055#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:86(para)
3056msgid "Each card in the appropriate pile of the clock (not counting Kings, as there are no Kings on real clocks) scores one point."
3057msgstr ""
3059#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/clock.xml:95(para)
3060msgid "Find a way to automate this game. There are no decisions ever to be made. If you lose it's not your fault. (Contrariwise, if you win, it's just luck!)"
3061msgstr ""
3063#. <sect1info>
3064#.     <copyright>
3065#.       <year>2001</year>
3066#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
3067#.     </copyright>
3068#.     <author>
3069#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
3070#.       <surname>Yuen</surname></author>
3071#.     <address><email></email></address>
3072#.   </sect1info>
3073#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:12(title)
3074msgid "Chessboard"
3075msgstr ""
3077#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:27(entry)
3078msgid "Four piles in the middle. To be built up in suit from base card of your choice, wrapping from King to Ace if necessary. Cards in Foundation piles are no longer in play."
3079msgstr ""
3081#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:58(para)
3082msgid "The Foundations are built up from the base card of your choice, wrapping from King to Ace if necessary. Cards in Foundation piles are no longer in play."
3083msgstr ""
3085#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/chessboard.xml:76(para)
3086msgid "Choose your base card wisely. The obvious choice may lead to nought but a dead end."
3087msgstr ""
3089#. <sect1info>
3090#.     <copyright>
3091#.       <year>2001</year>
3092#.       <holder>Vincent Povirk</holder>
3093#.     </copyright>
3094#.     <author>
3095#.       <firstname>Vincent</firstname>
3096#.       <surname>Povirk</surname>
3097#.     </author>
3098#.     <address><email></email></address>
3099#.   </sect1info>
3100#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:13(title)
3101msgid "Carpet"
3102msgstr ""
3104#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:15(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:15(para)
3105msgid "written by Vincent Povirk"
3106msgstr ""
3108#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:27(entry)
3109msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. No redeals."
3110msgstr ""
3112#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:41(entry)
3113msgid "Four piles top right. To be built up in suit from Ace to King. Aces are removed before dealing and placed on the foundations."
3114msgstr ""
3116#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:49(entry)
3117msgid "The \"Carpet\". Four rows of five cards dealt face up. Cards on the tableau are available for play. There is no building. Empty spaces are automatically filled from the waste if possible or the stock."
3118msgstr ""
3120#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:66(para)
3121msgid "Cards on the tableau are in play."
3122msgstr ""
3124#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:81(para) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:91(para)
3125msgid "None."
3126msgstr ""
3128#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:86(para)
3129msgid "Each card places in the Foundation piles scores one point."
3130msgstr ""
3132#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/carpet.xml:94(para)
3133msgid "Just put anything you can on the foundation."
3134msgstr ""
3136#. <sect1info>
3137#.              <copyright>
3138#.                      <year>1998</year>
3139#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
3140#.              </copyright>
3141#.              <author>
3142#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
3143#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
3144#.              </author>
3145#.              <address><email></email></address>
3146#.      </sect1info>
3147#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:13(title)
3148msgid "Canfield"
3149msgstr ""
3151#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:28(entry)
3152msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing. Cards are turned over three at a time to Waste. Two redeals."
3153msgstr ""
3155#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:42(entry)
3156msgid "On left under stock. Deal thirteen cards here with top card face up. Top card available for play to Foundations or Tableau."
3157msgstr ""
3159#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:49(entry)
3160msgid "Four piles below Foundations. Deal one card face up on to each pile. Tableau can be built down in alternating color. Groups of cards can be moved."
3161msgstr ""
3163#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:57(entry)
3164msgid "Four piles top right. Deal one card face up on first Foundation pile. This card is now the base card. Built up by suit."
3165msgstr ""
3167#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:72(para)
3168msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by alternating color. Groups of cards can be moved. An empty slot in the Tableau is filled automatically from the Reserve. If the Reserve is empty, an empty slot can be filled by any card or group of cards in sequence."
3169msgstr ""
3171#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:78(para)
3172msgid "Cards are flipped from the Stock to the Waste by three. If the last flip has less than three cards, that many cards are flipped for that move only. When Stock is empty, move all cards in Waste back to the Stock, maintaining order."
3173msgstr ""
3175#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:84(para)
3176msgid "Foundations are built up in suit from the base card (first card dealt to first Foundation) New Foundations are started when a card of the same rank as the first card placed during the dealing period are placed on empty Foundation piles. Aces are placed on Kings, and twos on Aces. Cards in Foundations are still in play. Double clicking on a card will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible."
3177msgstr ""
3179#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:97(para)
3180msgid "Each card in the Foundation piles scores one point. This game used to be played in casinos. You would break even if your score is 10."
3181msgstr ""
3183#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/canfield.xml:106(para)
3184msgid "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. This game is hard to win. Most people play with the betting rules in mind and try to get as many points as possible. To this end, always move cards into the Foundations as soon as they are available."
3185msgstr ""
3187#. When image changes, this message will be marked fuzzy or untranslated for you.
3188#. It doesn't matter what you translate it to: it's not used at all.
3189#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:61(None)
3190msgid "@@image: 'figures/camelot-goal.png'; md5=401d912730bd0fb4e9197582f3121401"
3191msgstr ""
3193#. <sect1info>
3194#.              <copyright>
3195#.                      <year>1998</year>
3196#.                      <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
3197#.              </copyright>
3198#.              <author>
3199#.                      <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
3200#.                      <surname>Yuen</surname>
3201#.              </author>
3202#.              <address><email></email></address>
3203#.      </sect1info>
3204#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:13(title)
3205msgid "Camelot"
3206msgstr ""
3208#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:28(entry)
3209msgid "All the cards are placed in the Stock at the beginning of the game. Cards are turned over one at a time to waste. No redeals."
3210msgstr ""
3212#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:35(entry)
3213msgid "To be taken from Stock. Can only hold one card which must immediately be played on to Tableau."
3214msgstr ""
3216#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:42(entry)
3217msgid "Four by four grid, each capable of holding one card. Kings can only be placed in a corner space. Queens can only be placed in the middle two spaces of first and last row. Jacks can only be placed in the middle two spaces of first and last column."
3218msgstr ""
3220#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:54(para)
3221msgid "Remove all cards but picture cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings). You have won if your Tableau looks like this --"
3222msgstr ""
3224#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:64(phrase)
3225msgid "The Winning Tableau."
3226msgstr ""
3228#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:68(para)
3229msgid "-- and your Stock and Waste are empty. The suits do not matter."
3230msgstr ""
3232#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:73(para)
3233msgid "There are two phases to this game. Alternate between the two phases until game is lost or won. Start with Phase One until Tableau is completely filled. At that point, move to Phase Two. Please note that you cannot begin Phase Two unless the Tableau is completely filled. At any point, you can return to Phase One, but remember that you cannot go back to Phase Two unless the tableau is once again filled. An exception to this rule is if the stock and waste are empty."
3234msgstr ""
3236#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:82(para)
3237msgid "Phase One -- Click on the Stock to move a card into the empty Waste pile. If card is a:"
3238msgstr ""
3240#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:88(para)
3241msgid "King: Place in one of the empty four corner spaces."
3242msgstr ""
3244#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:93(para)
3245msgid "Queen: Place in one of the empty middle two spaces of the top or bottom row."
3246msgstr ""
3248#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:99(para)
3249msgid "Jack: Place in any of the empty middle two spaces of the leftmost or rightmost column."
3250msgstr ""
3252#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:105(para)
3253msgid "Any other card: Place in any empty space."
3254msgstr ""
3256#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:110(para)
3257msgid "Phase Two -- Remove 10's singly by clicking on them. Remove pairs that add up to 10 by dragging one card on top of its pair."
3258msgstr ""
3260#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:114(para)
3261msgid "Game is lost if a picture card cannot be put in an appropriate spot or if all the spaces are filled and no cards can be removed."
3262msgstr ""
3264#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:126(para)
3265msgid "Maximum possible score: 40"
3266msgstr ""
3268#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/camelot.xml:131(para)
3269msgid "It is always safest in the middle. During Phase One of play, deal in the middle before going to the edges. If you see a possible pair, place that card on the edge so as to free more edge spaces during Phase Two of play."
3270msgstr ""
3272#. <sect1info>
3273#.     <copyright>
3274#.       <year>2001</year>
3275#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
3276#.     </copyright>
3277#.     <author>
3278#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
3279#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
3280#.     </author>
3281#.     <address><email></email></address>
3282#.   </sect1info>
3283#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:13(title)
3284msgid "Bristol"
3285msgstr ""
3287#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:28(entry)
3288msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. There are no redeals."
3289msgstr ""
3291#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:35(entry)
3292msgid "Three piles to the right of Stock. One card is dealt into each of the Reserves every time the Stock is clicked."
3293msgstr ""
3295#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:42(entry)
3296msgid "Four piles on the top right. Foundations are built up in sequence regardless of suit."
3297msgstr ""
3299#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:49(entry)
3300msgid "Deal face up eight piles of three cards each."
3301msgstr ""
3303#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:63(para)
3304msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down regardless of suit. Cards can only be moved singly. An empty pile in the Tableau can not be filled."
3305msgstr ""
3307#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:68(para)
3308msgid "Cards are flipped from the Stock on to the three Reserve piles, one card each per deal. Top card of each Reserve pile is available for play. Empty Reserve piles cannot be filled except with the next deal from Stock."
3309msgstr ""
3311#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:74(para)
3312msgid "Foundation piles are built up regardless of suit from Ace to King. Cards in Foundation are no longer in play."
3313msgstr ""
3315#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bristol.xml:91(para)
3316msgid "Never look backwards. Cards that are locked in backwards order are to be dealt with as soon as possible. Move as many cards from the Reserve on to the Tableau as you can, for Kings are hard to move."
3317msgstr ""
3319#. <sect1info>
3320#.        <copyright>
3321#.         <year>2001</year>
3322#.         <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
3323#.        </copyright>
3324#.        <author>
3325#.         <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
3326#.         <surname>Yuen</surname>
3327#.        </author>
3328#.        <address><email></email></address>
3329#.      </sect1info>
3330#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:13(title)
3331msgid "Block Ten"
3332msgstr ""
3334#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:50(para)
3335msgid "Remove cards in pairs that add up to ten. Jacks, Queens and Kings are removed in pairs. Tens cannot be removed. All empty slots are automatically filled by the Stock."
3336msgstr ""
3338#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/block_ten.xml:68(para)
3339msgid "This is a pure luck game. Therefore, any strategy involved would have to do with increasing your luck."
3340msgstr ""
3342#. <sect1info>
3343#.     <copyright>
3344#.       <year>2001</year>
3345#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
3346#.     </copyright>
3347#.     <author>
3348#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
3349#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
3350#.     </author>
3351#.     <address><email></email></address>
3352#.   </sect1info>
3353#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:13(title)
3354msgid "Beleaguered Castle"
3355msgstr ""
3357#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:28(entry)
3358msgid "Four piles in the middle column. Four aces are placed here, one in each pile, before the shuffle. To be built from Ace to King. Topmost card in each Foundation can be played back on to the Tableau."
3359msgstr ""
3361#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:37(entry)
3362msgid "Eight slots (four to the left and four to the right of Foundations.) Deal all cards face up and extended on to these eight piles so that there are six cards in each pile and all cards are showing."
3363msgstr ""
3365#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:67(para)
3366msgid "Each card in the Foundation piles other than the original Aces scores one point."
3367msgstr ""
3369#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/beleaguered_castle.xml:76(para)
3370msgid "Build evenly on to Foundations if possible. Try and get an empty slot."
3371msgstr ""
3373#. <sect1info>
3374#.        <copyright>
3375#.         <year>2001</year>
3376#.         <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
3377#.        </copyright>
3378#.        <author>
3379#.         <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
3380#.         <surname>Yuen</surname>
3381#.        </author>
3382#.        <address><email></email></address>
3383#.      </sect1info>
3384#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:13(title)
3385msgid "Bakers Game"
3386msgstr ""
3388#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:28(entry)
3389msgid "Four piles top right. Built from Ace to King in suit."
3390msgstr ""
3392#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:34(entry)
3393msgid "Four piles at top left. Each reserve can only hold one card."
3394msgstr ""
3396#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_game.xml:41(entry)
3397msgid "Eight piles underneath the Foundation and Reserves. The cards are dealt face up on to the Tableau, with seven cards each in the first four slots and six cards each in the last four slots."
3398msgstr ""
3400#. <sect1info>
3401#.        <copyright>
3402#.         <year>2001</year>
3403#.         <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
3404#.        </copyright>
3405#.        <author>
3406#.         <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
3407#.         <surname>Yuen</surname>
3408#.        </author>
3409#.        <address><email></email></address>
3410#.      </sect1info>
3411#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:13(title)
3412msgid "Bakers Dozen"
3413msgstr ""
3415#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:28(entry)
3416msgid "Four piles at top. To be built in suit from Ace to King. Topmost card in each Foundation can be played back on to the Tableau."
3417msgstr ""
3419#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:36(entry)
3420msgid "Thirteen piles. Four cards are dealt face up on each pile. Kings are moved to the bottom of their respective piles."
3421msgstr ""
3423#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:52(para)
3424msgid "The top card on each Tableau can be moved to another Tableau pile if it has a value of one lower than the top card on the second pile. Suit is not relevant. Empty Tableau piles cannot be filled."
3425msgstr ""
3427#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:68(para)
3428msgid "Each card moved to the Foundation scores one point."
3429msgstr ""
3431#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/bakers_dozen.xml:76(para)
3432msgid "Be careful not to bury low cards. Try to keep Tableau piles from emptying."
3433msgstr ""
3435#. <sect1info>
3436#.     <copyright>
3437#.       <year>2005</year>
3438#.       <holder>Vincent Povirk</holder>
3439#.     </copyright>
3440#.     <author>
3441#.       <firstname>Vincent</firstname>
3442#.       <surname>Povirk</surname>
3443#.     </author>
3444#.     <address><email></email></address>
3445#.   </sect1info>
3446#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:13(title)
3447msgid "Backbone"
3448msgstr ""
3450#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:27(entry)
3451msgid "Two stacks of 9 cards each, with a single above both stacks. Cards that are not obscured are available for play to anywhere except empty tableau spaces."
3452msgstr ""
3454#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:35(entry)
3455msgid "Eight piles, four on each side of the reserve. A card is dealt to each tableau pile when the game starts. Build down in suit. Empty spaces can be filled with any card. Only one card can be moved at a time."
3456msgstr ""
3458#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:43(entry)
3459msgid "Eight piles top right. To be built up in suit from Ace to King."
3460msgstr ""
3462#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:50(entry)
3463msgid "Single pile below the foundations on the left. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing on to the Tableau and Reserve. Cards are turned over one at a time to Waste. One redeal."
3464msgstr ""
3466#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:58(entry)
3467msgid "Single pile to the right of the Stock. To be taken from Stock. Top card available for play."
3468msgstr ""
3470#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:73(para)
3471msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by suit. Only one card can be moved at a time. Empty slots can be filled with any card except from the reserve."
3472msgstr ""
3474#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:77(para)
3475msgid "Cards are flipped from the Stock to the Waste individually. Top card in Waste is in play. When Stock is empty, move all cards in Waste back to the Stock, maintaining order. You can go through the deck twice."
3476msgstr ""
3478#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:83(para)
3479msgid "Foundations are built up in suit from Ace to King. Cards in the Foundations are no longer in play. Double clicking on a card will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible."
3480msgstr ""
3482#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/backbone.xml:104(para)
3483msgid "You can use empty spaces in the Tableau to move multiple cards. Be careful with Kings in the Reserve: the only way to remove them is by playing them to a Foundation on top of a Queen."
3484msgstr ""
3486#. <sect1info>
3487#.     <copyright>
3488#.       <year>1999</year>
3489#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
3490#.     </copyright>
3491#.     <author>
3492#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
3493#.       <surname>Yuen</surname></author>
3494#.     <address><email></email></address>
3495#.   </sect1info>
3496#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:12(title)
3497msgid "Auld Lang Syne"
3498msgstr ""
3500#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:27(entry)
3501msgid "Top left pile. All cards except the Aces are placed here at the start of play. Clicking on the Stock will deal one card to each of the four Reserve piles."
3502msgstr ""
3504#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:60(para)
3505msgid "Play begins by dealing four cards to the Reserve. If possible, play cards on to the Foundation from the Reserve. Continue this process until no cards are left in stock and no more moves on to Foundation can be made. A similar game that is a bit easier is Scuffle."
3506msgstr ""
3508#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/auld_lang_syne.xml:79(para)
3509msgid "Do you believe in Luck? Although this game takes more skill to play than Clock, the skill involved entails paying attention. A great game for brainless play."
3510msgstr ""
3512#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:101(title)
3513msgid "<application>AisleRiot</application> Manual V2.12"
3514msgstr ""
3516#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:104(year)
3517msgid "2001"
3518msgstr ""
3520#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:105(holder)
3521msgid "Rosanna Yuen"
3522msgstr ""
3524#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:119(publishername) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:132(orgname) gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:164(para)
3525msgid "GNOME Documentation Project"
3526msgstr ""
3528#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:129(firstname)
3529msgid "Rosanna"
3530msgstr ""
3532#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:130(surname)
3533msgid "Yuen"
3534msgstr ""
3536#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:133(email)
3537msgid ""
3538msgstr ""
3540#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:137(firstname)
3541msgid "Telsa"
3542msgstr ""
3544#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:138(surname)
3545msgid "Gwynne"
3546msgstr ""
3548#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:139(email)
3549msgid ""
3550msgstr ""
3552#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:158(revnumber)
3553msgid "AisleRiot Manual V2.12"
3554msgstr ""
3556#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:161(para)
3557msgid "Rosanna Yuen <email></email>"
3558msgstr ""
3560#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:169(releaseinfo)
3561msgid "This manual describes version 2.12 of AisleRiot."
3562msgstr ""
3564#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:176(title)
3565msgid "Feedback"
3566msgstr ""
3568#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:177(para)
3569msgid "To report a bug or make a suggestion regarding the <application>AisleRiot</application> application or this manual, follow the directions in the <ulink url=\"ghelp:gnome-feedback\" type=\"help\">GNOME Feedback Page</ulink>."
3570msgstr ""
3572#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:187(primary)
3573msgid "AisleRiot"
3574msgstr ""
3576#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:193(title)
3577msgid "Introduction to AisleRiot"
3578msgstr ""
3580#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:194(para)
3581msgid "AisleRiot (also known as Solitaire or sol) is a collection of card games which are easy to play with the aid of a mouse. The rules for the games have been coded for your pleasure in the GNOME scripting language (Scheme)."
3582msgstr ""
3584#. <sect1info>
3585#.     <copyright>
3586#.       <year>2002</year>
3587#.       <holder>Telsa Gwynne</holder>
3588#.     </copyright>
3589#.     <author>
3590#.       <firstname>Telsa</firstname>
3591#.       <surname>Gwynne</surname>
3592#.     </author>
3593#.     <address>
3594#.       <email></email>
3595#.     </address>
3596#.   </sect1info>
3597#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:218(title)
3598msgid "General information"
3599msgstr ""
3601#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:220(para)
3602msgid "Moving the cards is reasonably obvious. Assuming you have a right-handed mouse, left-click on a card and drag it somewhere. Release the mouse button to deposit the card."
3603msgstr ""
3605#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:225(para)
3606msgid "If a card can be moved to the foundation(s), you do not need to drag it. You can double-click on it and it will move. If a sequence of cards can be moved to the foundations, you can generally move the sequence as one move."
3607msgstr ""
3609#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:231(para)
3610msgid "Double clicking a card will send it to a foundation, if that is possible. This is useful for cleaning up large numbers of cards at the end of a successful game."
3611msgstr ""
3613#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:236(para)
3614msgid "In games which have a stock pile you can redeal it by clicking on the empty space where it was. Be warned that some games only let you do this a limited number of time. Watch for the Redeals Left message at the bottom of the window."
3615msgstr ""
3617#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:242(para)
3618msgid "A useful tip to know is that right-clicking on a face-up card which is partially obscured by a card laid over it will raise it so that you can see what it is."
3619msgstr ""
3621#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:247(para)
3622msgid "There is an alternative way to move cards. By selecting <guimenuitem>Click to move</guimenuitem> from the <guimenu>control</guimenu> menu you can click once to pick up a card and then click again to place it. This can be faster than dragging and will be easier on your hand since you don't have to hold the mouse down. However, it may take a while to get used to."
3623msgstr ""
3625#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:255(para)
3626msgid "Some games have options to change the way the game is played. For example Klondike can be played with either single card deals or three-card deals. In these games there is a separate menu with the game's name. You can only change the rules of the game at the beginning of the game - the menu will be inactive during the game."
3627msgstr ""
3629#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:262(para)
3630msgid "Statistics on how well you have done at a particular game are available by selecting <guimenuitem>Statistics</guimenuitem> from the <guimenu>Game</guimenu> menu. Only games where you actually start moving cards are counted. The statistics are here for your own enjoyment, there are numerous ways to cheat and it is unwise to make comparisons."
3631msgstr ""
3633#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/aisleriot.xml:273(title)
3634msgid "The Games"
3635msgstr ""
3637#. <sect1info>
3638#.      <copyright>
3639#.       <year>2001</year>
3640#.       <holder>Rosanna Yuen</holder>
3641#.      </copyright>
3642#.      <author>
3643#.       <firstname>Rosanna</firstname>
3644#.       <surname>Yuen</surname>
3645#.      </author>
3646#.      <address><email></email></address>
3647#.      </sect1info>
3648#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:13(title)
3649msgid "Agnes"
3650msgstr ""
3652#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:28(entry)
3653msgid "Top left pile. The rest of the deck is placed here after dealing the Tableau. Cards are dealt in batches of seven, one on every Tableau pile."
3654msgstr ""
3656#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:36(entry)
3657msgid "Eight piles top right. To be built in suit and sequence, wrapping from King to Ace when necessary. One card is dealt on to the first Foundation pile. The other Foundation piles must be started with cards of the same rank."
3658msgstr ""
3660#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:45(entry)
3661msgid "Seven piles. Deal card face up in first pile. Place one card face down on all other piles. Place one card face up on next pile followed by one card face down on all the covered piles. Repeat until there are seven cards in last pile. Tableau can be built down in same colors. Groups of cards can be moved. Empty piles can only be filled by the next deal from the Foundation."
3662msgstr ""
3664#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:65(para)
3665msgid "Cards in the Tableau are built down by same color. Groups of cards in sequence and same color can be moved as a unit."
3666msgstr ""
3668#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:73(para)
3669msgid "Foundations are built up in suit in sequence, wrapping from King to Ace when necessary. Cards in Foundations are still in play. Double clicking on a card in the Tableau will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible."
3670msgstr ""
3672#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:84(para)
3673msgid "Each card in Foundation scores one point."
3674msgstr ""
3676#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:92(para)
3677msgid "Try to build down in suit whenever possible. Try to score as many points as you can as this game is very hard to win."
3678msgstr ""
3680#. Put one translator per line, in the form of NAME <EMAIL>, YEAR1, YEAR2.
3681#: gnome-games-gnome-2-12/aisleriot/help/C/agnes.xml:0(None)
3682msgid "translator-credits"
3683msgstr ""
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